Shelbyville Daily Union

December 17, 2013

The kindness of neighbors

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Dear Editor,

I do not often share personal experiences in a public forum like this, but given the season of Christmas, I believe this little story should be shared to show the kindness and empathy of our neighbors.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Sandy and I paid a visit to some of our downtown Shelbyville merchants. it was cold and we were wearing coats and gloves. Somewhere along the way, Sandy lost a very sentimental ring that contained the diamonds that were in her Mom and Dad’s wedding ring. Her father had passed away now and the ring is very special to her. We have to assume that it came off her finger at some point when she was removing her gloves. Needless to say, she was absolutely heartbroken; not for the monetary loss, but after losing her Dad a few years ago, the sentimental value was overwhelming.

The whole family combed the downtown area in search of this ring with no success. Sandy decided to post an advertisement in this newspaper as a last resort offering a cash reward. She had little hope of success, and I must admit, I had no hope at all.

Last Friday was the first day the ad ran in the paper Friday evening, we received a call. The voice on the other end indicated that they had found a ring downtown and asked Sandy to describe it, which she did; it was her ring! The voice on the other end of the line was Joe Dunaway who was calling for his mother Mary. Mary had found the ring while downtown and she said that she “knew it meant something to someone”. Joe said Mary had been looking in the paper all week for someone who had lost a ring and on Friday she saw our ad.

Joe was kind enough to meet us on Saturday to return the ring. Mary had even put it in a small jewelry box with a ribbon on it to return it to us. As we tried to present Joe with the reward money, he would not accept it. The more we insisted, the more adamant was Joe’s rejection on Mary’s behalf.

So Mary, since we cannot ignore your honesty and integrity, we have doubled the reward and gifted equal shares to the C.E.F.S. food pantry and Angel of Love Program in your name. Thank you so much for caring about others, not to mention... keeping your eyes open!

Jeff and Sandy Stenger