Shelbyville Daily Union


March 22, 2013

Pastor's Corner

Friday, March 29 is the day this year we celebrate Good Friday. We call it Good Friday because on that day Jesus Christ, God who took on human flesh, died. Kinda weird to celebrate death, huh?

The reason we call it good is because Jesus was not just some man caught up in a political or religious tempest. He wasn’t some guy who was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”. He came to earth for the purpose of dying in our place. You see, the bible is clear that each one of us has willfully walked away from our creator and His plan for our lives. Because of this, we are rightly under a sentence of death for our willful disobedience. It is what we deserve. But this is where death becomes good.

God knew all the way at the beginning of time that we were going to blow it, yet he created us anyway because He wanted to do life with us. To love us and be loved by us. To walk in daily relationship with us. So he had a plan. He sent Jesus, the eternal Son of God, to take on a human body, and to die instead of us. The only man to live without sin died in our place. Because He had no sin, his death was accepted for the sins of those of us who had sinned. Therefore, we can be restored into relationship with the Father in heaven.

I would like to encourage you to reflect on the great love God has for you. Find a church this Easter to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let the resurrected Christ transform your life.

I would also like to invite you to the annual Community Good Friday service, to be held at the Shelbyville First Assembly of God, at the corner of Main Street and Oak Street, from noon to one on Friday, March 29th. Seven different ministers will speak for a few minutes each on the 7 words spoken by Christ from the cross. After the service, a light lunch will be served. This event is put on by the Shelbyville Ministerial Association to celebrate our awesome savior and to foster Christian fellowship across denominational lines.

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