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August 15, 2013

Ottumwa ready to roll to Babe Ruth World Series

It’s not exactly a short drive from the City of Bridges to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Just over 957 miles of mostly eastern directional driving will get you there. Another 25 miles will put you in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

But that road to Fireman’s Field, the home of the Babe Ruth Baseball 13-15 World Series, seems like a fairly short one to travel compared to the road already taken by the Ottumwa 15-year-old Babe Ruth squad. From multiple comeback victories already in this postseason, including a final-inning rally to win the Midwest Plains regional championship in Booneville, Mo., to the incredible fundraising efforts of the past couple weeks to make sure the team had the financial ability to make the trip they earned on the field.

Nothing about getting to the Babe Ruth World Series has been easy for the Ottumwa 15-year-olds so far. Actually making the nearly 1,000-mile trek to Virginia, at this point, is a journey everyone involved with the Ottumwa team is certainly excited to make.

“Over the past couple of weeks, the kids have been on a real emotional high. We’ve been doing a lot of practicing and a lot fundraising together as a team,” Ottumwa 15-year-old Babe Ruth manager Tom Mitchell said. “At this point, we’re all one big family now. All the families of all the players and of all the coaches have come together to make this happen. We’ve all got great chemistry working among everyone. Everybody has pulled together and has worked to make this a really enjoyable experience for the kids.”

Once those very talented Ottumwa kids finally set foot in the Loundon County community and hit the diamond at Fireman’s Field, it will be time to get down to business. This isn’t a sight-seeing tour for the Ottumwa 15-year-old Babe Ruth All-stars this week as they participate in the 13-15 year-old World Series.

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