Shelbyville Daily Union

October 19, 2011

Ask the Pastor

Chase Smith

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Should a Christian celebrate Halloween?


 Halloween is distinctively pagan, from its origins to today’s hugely commercialized holiday. For Christians, we are to have nothing to do with a pagan celebration, but we are to worship our God alone and no others. In the Old Testament, witchcraft was punishable by death and in the New Testament it is clear that occult practices and Christianity do not mix.

So what should a Christian do? Having Children dress up in costumes and gathering candy is not wrong, but as always we need to avoid anything that is not Christ-related. If you choose to allow your children to partake in the Halloween festivities, it is important to teach them about the background of the day and keep them away from the darker aspects of the day. If you participate, their dress (princesses and cowboys rather than ghosts and zombies), attitude, and behavior should still be God-honoring.

This question can cause much controversy, even in the different opinions throughout America among Christians; this topic should not divide the church according to opinions (Rom 14:1).  Each family is going to have to make their own choice on what to do; pushing one family’s opinion on another will not bring them closer to the Lord, but will turn them away from Him.

Convictions will have to guide each family on what they will do. So gather your family together, talk about the history of the day and pray about what you feel is most acceptable to God. My wife and I did this right before I began writing this article. Our kids love to dress up, but they dress up like fire fighters and princesses, not anything that is Halloween related. We do not participate in going door to door, but we do go downtown to various businesses to let them show off their costumes.

The ultimate question you have to ask yourself is on Halloween, am I honoring the Lord? When God gives you the answer, you will know what to do.

Chase Smith is the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Shelbyville. For more information from Chase or the church call 774-3636 or visit