Shelbyville Daily Union

August 9, 2011

Ask the Pastor

Chase Smith, pastor Fellowship Baptist Church, Shelbyville

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Where is the modesty today?

 I had the privilege of preaching for a youth camp last week and during the week we had a question and answer time. There was a panel of pastors that the youth could write in questions too and I was one of the pastors. The questions varied in significance, detail, and topic. The one question that took the most time to answer was the question over modesty. It seems when you get a group of youth together, and they get to choose the topic, this one always comes up.

In a day where short shirts with writing on the backside are common, teenagers find it difficult to be modest without throwing style to the wind. Unfortunately I can not help with the style issue, but I can speak to the modesty issue. Both guys and girls have issues with being modest, yet it is the girls who get most of the attention. Guys who have better than average bodies can walk around with their shirts off wanting to show their muscles are most certainly immodest.

Every person wants attention, it is a natural instinct to want to be loved, liked, and cared for. People will go out of their way to get the attention they crave, whether it is good or bad. I discussed this issue with my wife, who I think is the epitome of style and modesty, and she said that if a girl wants attention, all she has to do is dress a certain way showing certain parts of their body and she will have all the attention she wants.

Girls who dress to show off parts of their anatomy are attracting the wrong kind of attention. Young men have very few things on their minds when they see a young lady showing off her body, they figure if she shows it to the public, what will she show me in private?

As parents, we need to teach our children about not just dressing appropriately, but why they should dress appropriately. It is not simply an issue of trying to stop them from attracting the wrong type of person, but is a heart issue. If they love Christ then they would want to honor Him and dress in a way that would represent as such. If they do not love Christ, then they will dress in a way that will get them the most attention. So parents, don’t just teach your children to not dress promiscuous, teach them to love Jesus and guide them to the proper type of dress that would honor Him.

Chase Smith is the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Shelbyville. For more information from Chase or the church call 774-3636 or visit