Doctors for Cardinal Francis George said Monday that tests on his bladder and other tissue show they succeeded in removing all the cancer and he will not require radiation or chemotherapy.

"There is no evidence for any cancer remaining within the body," said Dr. Myles Sheehan, George's personal physician and a fellow priest.

Tests on removed lymph nodes and on the edges of tissue removed along with the cardinal's bladder came back negative for cancer, Sheehan said. Surgeons also took out a section of his ureter, which links the bladder to the kidney.

George's prostate, which was removed along with the bladder, showed signs of cancer, but Sheehan called that an "incidental finding" and not unusual for a 69-year-old man.

The prostate cancer was a separate cancer and not a sign of spreading of the bladder cancer, Sheehan said.

"There is no evidence, no evidence, of any spread outside the bladder," Sheehan said. He described the cardinal as "a cancer survivor."

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