Shelbyville Daily Union


September 29, 2010

Prayer for Jerusalem Sunday

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — This Sunday more than 300,000 churches in 175 nations will participate in the largest Israel - focused prayer, The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ).

Since 2002, the organization has enlisted prayerful supporters on the first Sunday in October to join together in a quest to see God’s purposes fulfilled in His holy city.

DPPJ organizers said, “We are living in a sobering moment in history that calls us, as believers in Jesus Christ, to take a stand with Israel.  We could be people of the last hours.  We are not to be passive in the face of prophecy; we are called to pray with passion, to intercede, and to minister according to the words of the Savior who said it is not our task to speculate when the end will be.  It is our responsibility to do Kingdom business until He comes (Luke 19:13).

“This is not about politics, this is about the Word of God... but the political ramifications are extremely dramatic.  Scripture declares there will come a time when all the nations of the world will turn against Israel.  It is so highly conceivable this could happen in our time that it is crucial to outline: why we should stand with Israel today.”

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