Shelbyville Daily Union

February 16, 2011

Worship - More Than Singing Songs


SHELBYVILLE, IL. — By Chase Smith

Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church

What is worship? Churches today have the idea that worship is the singing of songs. We have worship leaders, worship music, and times of worship as a church. The problem is that this is not what the bible says about worship.

 Worship is more than acts like singing, it is responding to God and his glory. We worship things, not just God, which we consider worthy. It is described in Revelation that those in Heaven can not help but worship God, falling on their faces and worshipping because of how worthy he is (Revelation 4:8 & 5:12). While that is in heaven, we are to worship here on earth as well.

We respond in worship by singing yes, but also praying, serving, giving, reading the bible, and applying the bible to our lives. The worship that God wants is not just the acts listed here, but with the right motives in our hearts. If you go to church but do not learn anything; that is not worship. If you pray an empty emotionless prayer, that is not worship. If you sing a song in church, but do not think about what the song means to your God; that is not worship. If you read you bible yet do not obey what it says and try to apply it to your daily life; that is not worship.

Worship is tough to define because it is all about the heart of the worshipper, here at Fellowship Baptist, we are discussing over the next few Sundays what true worship is. You are welcome to join us in our journey to worship and respond to God the way it was intended.