Shelbyville Daily Union

July 8, 2011

EIU Spring Grads Announced


SHELBYVILLE, IL. — The following Shelby County areas  students were among 1400 Spring 2011 graduates at Eastern Illinois University.


Tillman, Joseph P., Master of Science

Beecher City

Tarrant, Brian A., Bachelor of Science


Kowalis, Matthew J., Bachelor of Arts;

Kroll, Brandon T. Bachelor of Science


Plunkett, Zackery J., Bachelor of Arts;

Rich, Raymond R., Bachelor of Arts;

Thompson, Carl B., Bachelor of Arts;

Walton, G E., Bachelor of Science;

Williams, Miranda N.,    Bachelor of Science


Miller, Jeremy S., Master of Business Admin


Bowling, Ginger E., Bachelor of Science in Ed


Barcus, Lynne N., Master of Science;

Becker, Traci D., Master of Arts;

Hanson, Jason C., Master of Science in Education

Hardesty, Charles A., Bachelor of Science;

Plummer, Allyson C., Bachelor of Science;

Storm, Joshua W., Bachelor of Science in Ed;

Szatkowski, Amanda D., Bachelor of Science in Ed


Presnell, Megan S., Bachelor of Arts;

Sloan, Jamie L., Master of Science


Camfield, Ace B., Bachelor of Science;

McClain, Morgan E., Bachelor of Arts;

Sweeney, Max L., Bachelor of Science in Bus;

Watson, William J., Bachelor of Arts;

Young, John D., Bachelor of Science in Bus


Long, Abbie C., Bachelor of Science;

Ruholl, Danielle L., Master of Science in Education;

Stodden, Ben R., Bachelor of Science in Ed;

Whitaker, Sara E., Bachelor of Arts


Moomaw, Zachary J., Bachelor of Science in Bus


Baugher, Drew E., Bachelor of Science in Bus;

Clevinger, Amanda M., Bachelor of Arts;

Plummer, Ashley D., Bachelor of Science in Bus;

Powers, Lindsey B., Bachelor of Science