Shelbyville Daily Union

December 17, 2013

CEFS Head Start helps preschool children

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — C.E.F.S. Head Start 0-5 Program is a federally-funded program that provides comprehensive classroom and home base educational services to pregnant women and children ages 0-5 including those with significant or multiple special needs.

The C.E.F.S. Head Start 0-5 Program is located at 711 West S. 7th St. in Shelbyville.

Preschool center-base classes are provided in either the morning or afternoon Monday through Thursday.

Each session lasts 3½ hours and includes a healthy meal and snack.

Teachers plan daily lessons with developmentally appropriate activities that advance the children’s self-confidence, problem solving skills, and social development. Indoor and outdoor activities are provided along with computer experiences and field trips.

Transportation assistance is provided in the form of bus services, stipends, or coordinating transportation services.

There are no entry fees for enrollment and no fees are charged for services. Currently, children attend from Shelbyville, Cowden, Findlay, Stewardson, Windsor, Tower Hill, and Beecher City.

Home base sessions are available for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers and are held 1½ hours once per week with up to two group activities held each month.

Parent Educators make visits to the family’s home for educational activities that involve both the parent and child.

Applications for enrollment into the C.E.F.S. Head Start 0-5 Program are ongoing and children are placed in the program when openings occur throughout the calendar year.

Please call today for more information: C.E.F.S. Head Start 0-5 Program Office (toll free) at 1-866-442-1900 Ext. 139.