Shelbyville Daily Union

February 4, 2014

Lake Land College announces full-time fall semester honors list

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The Lake Land College 2013 fall semester academic honors list for full-time students has been released by the college.

To qualify for the president’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0.

To qualify for the dean’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 credit hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.65 – 3.79.

To qualify for the honor’s list, a student must have completed at least 12 hours in courses numbered 040 or higher per semester, excluding summer term, with a GPA of 3.5 – 3.64.

Those listed from the Shelby County area include:

Beecher City: Marshall McGowan, President’s List; Rachel Lilly, President’s List; Timothy Petty, Dean’s List; Donovan Riley, Dean’s List; Blake McKay, Honor’s List

Bethany: Sara Mills, President’s List; Mallory Robinson, President’s List; Zachary Bone, President’s List; Ashton Doty, Dean’s List; Lisa Loney, Honor’s List

Findlay: Maatthew Keown, President’s List; Jonathan Herron, President’s List; Garrett Sparks, President’s List; Kelsey Ward, Honor’s List; Sarah Henderson, Honor’s List; Katelyn Coleman, Honor’s List

Gays: Thomas Barnes, President’s List; Summer Cusick, Dean’s List; Stella Moderau, Dean’s List

Herrick: Angelica Beck, Dean’s List; Cecelia Adams, Honor’s List

Lakewood: Kerri Hayes, President’s List; Taylor Foster, Honor’s List

Mode: Colton Wade, Dean’s List

Neoga: Melissa White, President’s List; Michael Baker, President’s List; Mackenzie White, President’s List; Nathanial Fetters, President’s List; Amy Kenworthy, Dean’s List; Joyce Meadows, Dean’s List; Derek Strohl, Dean’s List; Kamryn Boarman, Dean’s List; Blake Williams, Honor’s List; Allison Keck, Honor’s List; Joseph Smyser, Honor’s List

Oconee: Allison Craig, Honor’s List

Pana: Jessica Mathon, President’s List; Ryan Beyers, President’s List; Kristina Pollman, President’s List; Natalie Cloe, President’s List; Amber Rice, President’s List; Sydney Houser, President’s List; Bart Dubre, Dean’s List; Kelsie England, Dean’s List; Sarah Boge, Dean’s List; Deborah Akins, Dean’s List; Amanda Horton, Honor’s List; Christina Wooldridge, Honor’s List; Aaron Vandenbergh, Honor’s List; Tyson Spencer, Honor’s List

Shelbyville: Robert Agney, President’s List; Trevor Pruemer, President’s List; Toby Gordon, President’s List; Sarah Burch, President’s List; Amanda Overbeck, President’s List; Jasmine Bicknell, President’s List; Laura Flach, President’s List; Megan Schwerman, President’s List; Heather Glenn, President’s List; Sara Martin, Dean’s List; John Blanco, Dean’s List; Keshia Newton, Dean’s List; Sara Reber, Dean’s List; Cady Sanborn, Dean’s List; Andrew Smith, Dean’s List; Kurtis Cameron, Dean’s List; Blake Compton, Honor’s List; Hannah Fogleman, Honor’s List; Dakota Pruemer, Honor’s List; Cinnae Martin, Honor’s List; Lauren Sims, Honor’s List

Sigel: Rachel Gratz, President’s List; Julie Probst, President’s List; Trevor Walk, President’s List; Branden Krampe, Dean’s List; Ross Will, Dean’s List; Jacqueline Niebrugge, Honor’s List; Lindsy Wolke, Honor’s List; Travis Walk, Honor’s List

Stewardson: Dylan Roley, President’s List; DarbyAnn Hewkin, President’s List; Robert Vail, Dean’s List; James Friese, Dean’s List

Strasburg: Joni Giertz, President’s List; Jennifer Sporleder, President’s List; Dalton Storm, Dean’s List; Mariah Tabbert, Dean’s List; Tori Daniels, Honor’s List; Emily Griffin, Honor’s List; Nicole Waldorf, Honor’s List

Tower Hill: Aerielle Stephens, Dean’s List

Windsor: Melody Nees, President’s List; Charley Bailey, President’s List; Gretchen Neal, President’s List; Cole Tilford, President’s List; Sarah Mummel, President’s List; Amanda Tucker, President’s List; Charissa Lecrone, President’s List; Daniel Fryman Jr., Dean’s List; Ashlee Warf, Dean’s List; Nakita Allee, Dean’s List; Kassandra Strowmatt, Dean’s List; Adam Hostetter, Honor’s List; Anson Tilford, Honor’s List