Shelbyville Daily Union

March 28, 2014

Shelby County 4-H Week was a huge success

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Shelby County 4-H Week , March 16-22, was deemed a huge success, according to 4-H Coordinator Yolanda Nation as she recapped the week’s activities.

Amazing Race

Shelby County 4-H week kicked off with the eighth annual Amazing Race which was held on March 15. Eleven teams participated in the race which included members from 9 4-H clubs. The Race took members on a scavenger hunt around Shelby County. This year’s focus for the teams was team building and accomplishing each task given as a team. Teams consisted of three or four 4-Her’s and an adult driver. The Race started with a trivia contest which included questions about 4-H. Teams then looked all over the Shelby County Fairgrounds for clues to solve a puzzle. Once they obtained all their clues, they met back at the 4-H Center and solved the puzzle which was this year’s 4-H theme “4-H . . .It’s out of this World. Clues sent teams to Main Street School, the Spillway at Lake Shelbyville, the Senior Center, Farm Bureau and the 4-H Center.

Everyone met back at the 4-H Center and enjoyed pizza provided by Shelby County Federation and received team prizes.

Thank you to Amy Rochkes for planning, organizing and running the event. Everyone had a great time.


Day two of 4-H week brought members from all over the county to the Silver Stars Skating Rink in Mattoon. 120+ 4-H’ers, friends and family enjoyed the 2 ½ hour skating party.

Eleven clubs were represented including: Shelby County Cloverbuds, F.A.R, Findlay Feeders, Ful-O-Pep, John Jordan Jaybirds, Kaskaskia Cottonmouths, Moweaqua Rustlers, Shelby Showstoppers, Shelby Sparklers, Silver Spurs and Strasburg Tailtwisters.

Thanks to Shelby County Federation for covering the skating rink rental.

Window displays

Day three of 4-H week was judging the window displays that were located throughout the county. Clubs decorated windows to the theme of “4-H . . . It’s out of this world” and decorated with rocket ships, aliens, globes and spacemen. Clubs were scored on various items such as theme, information about joining 4-H, club leader and member names and telling the 4-H story. Window displays could be found in Cowden, Findlay, Moweaqua, Oconee, Shelbyville, Strasburg, Sigel and Windsor.

Winning first place was F.A.R , second place was Strasburg Tailtwisters and third was Shelby County Cloverbuds. Honorable mentions were given to Findlay Feeders and Oconee Eager Beavers. The winning club received $25, second place received $20 and third place received $15. All clubs received $10 for participating.

All the clubs did a wonderful job promoting Shelby County 4-H and deserve a big thank you for all their hard work.

International Night

Shelby County 4-H clubs filled the 4-H Center on Tuesday, March 12. Clubs picked countries from around the world, found recipes and then made one to two dishes to share with everyone. Clubs also provided decorations and information about their countries.

Countries included: Austria prepared by Ful-O-Pep, Brazil prepared by Silver Spurs, China prepared by Oconee Eager Beavers, France prepared by Strasburg Tailtwisters, Germany prepared by Shelby Sparklers, Iceland prepared by Shelby Showstoppers, Italy prepared by F.A.R, Lithuania prepared by John Jordan Jaybirds, Mexico prepared by Kaskaskia Cottonmouths and the United States prepared by Shelby County Cloverbuds.

A special presentation was done by Oconee Eager Beavers. Two of their members along with leader Annette Sims, made a Chinese dragon and the kids paraded around the 4-H Center. There were 13 members that were part of the dragon. The dragon looked awesome.

Clubs were asked to bring non-perishable food items to International Night. The collection total was 264 items which was given to C.E.F.S food pantry. The Moweaqua Rustlers went shopping at Moweaqua Foods and delivered 285 items to the Moweaqua Food Pantry. Findlay Feeders donated cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc. for the Findlay Fire Department.

New this year, Federation asked everyone to vote for their country’s favorite food dishes. One vote was equal to one penny. 4-H families came through with the votes with a total of 12,802 which equaled $128.02. C.E.F.S food pantry was given a cash donation of $50 and the winning club received the remaining balance. Winning the most votes was the Oconee Eager Beavers with a total of 3,399. Silver Spurs received 2,975 votes for second place and F.A.R received 2,362. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Promoting 4-H in Shelby County

On March 19, 4-H members wore their 4-H t-shirts to school to spread the word about 4-H.

On March 20, members of the Moweaqua Rustlers bagged groceries at the Moweaqua grocery store and passed out flyers about Shelby County 4-H. Federation members: Jackie Beck, Hallie Horsman and Michael Beardsley bagged groceries and passed out information at County Market in Shelbyville and Tristan Boehm bagged groceries and passed out information at the Windsor grocery store.

Family Fun Night

On March 21, Shelby County Federation teams had Bingo, Bags and several Minute to Win It Games for 4-H members and their families to play and win tokens. Tokens were then redeemed for prizes.

A big Thank You to all the Federation members for all their hard work throughout the week and Thank You to all the 4-H members and their families for making all the events successful.

For more information about Shelby County 4-H activities, contact Yolanda Nation at 217-774-9546 or email at The Extension office is located at 1125 W N 2nd St. in Shelbyville.