Shelbyville Daily Union

January 14, 2014

County Board approves animal control ordinance changes

Valorie Eversole Daily Union Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The Shelby County Animal Control department, represented by State’s Attorney Gina Vonderheide, presented amendments to the animal control ordinance to the County Board at the Board’s meeting Wednesday.

Proposed were penalties for violations, fees, and agreements for municipalities and veterinarians in working with the county animal control.

The Board was previously made aware of the lack of municipal agreements for action to capture and hold animals until they are taken into the custody of the Animal Control officer. The agreement will also assign a fee to the municipality for the services.

“If we’d had this in place, we could have a new facility,” said animal control officer Brad Hudson. “The fees help to pound the animals.”

The Board approved the amendments.

CEFS Transportation director Dennis Shiley asked for approval for construction drawings and specifications regarding the county’s maintenance facility. The board’s approval is necessary for submission of the documents to Illinois Department of Transportation to be let out for bid.

Shiley also reported that another vehicle was added to the fleet. The 2006 vehicle will seat 22 passengers and was available from Moultrie County for $20,000. Shiley noted that a new engine is needed in the vehicle and one could be put in using grant money and money from the maintenance budget.

“A new 22 passenger vehicle would cost about $125,000,” Shiley said.

“The extra vehicle will help us in our goal to add Litchfield to the route and provide more vehicles to be able to rotate our fleet,” he said.

A request by Shelby County Clerk Jessica Fox to move Shelbyville 1 and 2 polling place from the American Legion home to the First Nazarene Church Fellowship Hall at 412 North Will was approved. The fellowship hall will provide more parking, accessibility, and generally more room.

In addition to the County Highway Department report (see January 10 Daily Union), engineer Alan Spesard presented two pipe culvert contracts to CPI Supply, one at $15,573 and the other at $38,594; and rock contracts to Brush Creek Quarry (5 contracts), Miller Lime service (2 contracts), McLeod Express (1 contract), and Nokomis Quarry (2 contracts). A contract for gravel was not awarded due to lack of bids. The board approved these contracts.

Spesard also presented an engineering agreement to Upchurch and Associates to replace two bridges in Richland Township. This was also approved.

Zoning administrator Jared Rowcliffe reported that Safety Street, a private company, is offering address signs in conjunction with the new rural addressing system. He noted that his office neither endorses or not endorse the company.

“It’s up to the individual residents if they want it,” Rowcliffe said. “The company does work with the fire districts.”

Board member Robert Simpson noted that there was some communication problems between the townships and the county highway department during last week’s snowstorm and asked about getting new communication equipment.

“I think what we have is outdated,” Simpson said.

Health Department administrator Steve Melega reported that the State of Illinois has passed the requirement of the new septic systems for new buildings and replacement systems. The new systems are designed to protect the wetlands and water supplies.

“This will increase the cost of new houses about $5,000,” Melega noted. “It will not effect current systems. But eventually it will impact everyone as aging systems will have to be replaced.”

In other action the Board approved the resolution opposing the adoption of the House Bill amending the Prevailing Wage Act. Two members voted no.

The board also approved the following appointments:

- Dr. Rick Brown to the Airport and Landing Fields Commission

- Jim Looft to the Eastern Illinois Economic Development Authority

- Richard Gloede to Mental Health “708” Board

- Assistant State’s Attorney Marvin Hanson as Ethics Commission advisor

- Carl Miller, Michael Kiley, and Walter Lookofsky to the Ethics Commission

Next month’s County Board meeting will be held Thursday, February 13, due to Lincoln’s Birthday holiday.