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October 15, 2013

Moulton girls, Skowronski advance to State

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Chloe Spain and Ailey Mitchell cruised into 1st and 2nd and pulled the rest of the Lady Rams into 3rd place at the Shelbyville Sectional on Saturday, advancing to state. Leading Ram runner, Ryan Skowronski, finished 3rd and also advanced to state.

As the girls came out of the woods after the start, Spain and Mitchell were in the lead with Mt. Zion runners running with them. When they came out of the woods and headed for the finish line it was Spain, then Mitchell and no one with them. Mt. Zion’s top runner appeared just as Spain was entering the chute.

Spain crossed under 13:00 (12:58) and Mitchell two seconds later (13:00). Mt. Zion’s Jasmyn Brooksher was six seconds back (13:06), followed by her teammate Genna Warnick (13:13). Alexis Henrikson of Williamsville crossed in 5th to lead her team (13:15).

Twenty something runners crossed, including two more Mt. Zion runners and a Williamsville runner. Williamsville’s third runner crossed in 21st (team 18th).

Shelby’s third runner, Lauren Bowers crossed in 25th (team 21st) in 13:52, followed by three more Mt. Zion runners to clinch the team win.

The fourth Ram scorer, Elizabeth Bowyer, then crossed in 35th (team 29th) in 14:19, followed by Jordyn Bernson, who stepped up to finish in 36th (team 31st) in 14:21. The five Ram scorers finished before the fifth Williamsville scorer. She scored immediately after Bernson.

When tallying up the scores, Mt. Zion had #3, #4, #10, #13, and #24 for just 54 points. The toss-up was for 2nd place. Shelby had #1, #2, #21, #29, and #31 for a total of 84 points. Williamsville had #5, #7, #15, #18, and #32. Williamsville’s top four runners packed closer together and their total score was 77 points, seven points better than Shelby to claim 2nd place. Shelby still qualified as the 3rd place team, 26 points ahead of the 4th place team.

In the boys race, Shelby’s Ryan Skowronski had stiff individual competition from Josh Cable of Rochester, Jason Landon of Carlinville, and Jared Owens of Williamsville.

Out of the woods after the start, Cable had a healthy lead, followed by Skowronski leading a host of runners.

Out of the woods towards the finish, nothing had changed, as Cable finished 17 seconds ahead of the field (10:57), leading Rochester to a team 2nd place.

Then came a sprint between Skowronski and Carlinville’s Landon. They were side by side all the way to the finish line. The Skowronski leaned at the line, but the longer-legged Landon’s foot hit the line first and he was awarded 2nd place .24 seconds ahead of Skowronski in 3rd.

Owens followed 2+ seconds later to lead Williamsville to a state qualifying 3rd place.

Robinson’s first runner crossed in 6th place, but they packed the best of all the teams. Robinson had #6, #8, #12, #19, and #20 for 65 points.

Rochester’s top two were #1 and #5, but then there was a gap to #21, #23, #30, giving them 80 points and 2nd place.

Williamsville and Mt. Zion tied at 3rd place with 90 points. Mt. Zion had the second best pack of all the boys teams. They had #7, #13, #17, #25, and #28 for 90 points and had all five of their scorers finish ahead of Williamsville and 2nd place Rochester. Williamsville had #4, #10, #16, #27, #33 for 90 points.

Skowronski continued to lead a cadre of younger Ram runners who packed towards the back. Logan Weatherford (13:48) and Christian Sieger (13:49) came in together in 44th and 45th team places. Jordan Winnings (15:08) and Luke Brown (15:18) finished in team 49th and 50th, followed by Will Leach in team 52nd (17:01).

The 2A girls state race will be at Maxwell Park in Normal on Saturday, October 19 at 11 a.m., followed by the boys race at 11:45 a.m.


IESA Shelbyville Sectional


Team results: *1. Mt. Zion 54, *2. Williamsville 77, *3. Shelbyville 84, 4. St. Agnes 110, 5. Newton 116, 6. Rochester 131, 7. Robinson 137, 8. Carlinville 169. *Teams advancing to State

*Individual State Qualifiers: Catie Eck (SSA), Treisten Fagan (ROB), Mackenzie Harris (CAR), Paige Olson (ROC), Sami Jo Johnson (ROB)

Shelby girls results: 1. Chloe Spain 12:58, 2. Ailey Mitchell, 25. (T21) Lauren Bowers 13:52, 34. (T29) Elizabeth Bowyer 14:19, 36. (T31) Jordyn Bernson 14:21, 46. (T40) Emma White 14:41, 47. (T41) Paige Coleman 14:47


Team results: *1. Robinson 65, *2. Rochester 80, *3. Mt. Zion 90, *3. Williamsville 90, 4. Newton 119, 5. Carlinville 127, 6. St. Agnes 129, 7. Shelbyville 191

*Individual State Qualifiers: Jason Landon (CAR), Ryan Skowronski (SH), Tyler Moushon (RIV), Jacon Spera (SSA), Ben Carr (NEW)

Shelby boys results: 3. Ryan Skowronski 11:14.51, 49. (T44) Logan Weatherford 13:48, 50. (T45) Christian Sieger 13:49, 55. (T49) Jordan Winings 15:08, 56. (T50) Luke Brown 15:18, 62. (T52) Will Leach 17:01