Shelbyville Daily Union

April 11, 2014

Council approves Chautauqua Days plans

Valorie Eversole Daily Union Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Chautauqua Days Festival plans were approved by the Shelbyville City Council Monday evening.

Vickie Davis and Brenda Elder presented plans for the May 30-June 1 event which includes bands and vendors in Forest Park. They asked for approval for the plans and to barricade the park overnight both nights.

They also told the council about plans for an auction to be held the following weekend in the park.

All events are to help raise funds for the Chautauqua Preservation project.

Also presenting a request to the council was made to waive $75 fee for use of the Scout Cabin during the 5K Run/Fun Walk on the Dacey Trail on May 3 to benefit DOVE, Inc.

DOVE Inc. is an organization to help victims of domestic violence in Shelby County.

“In the past few years, the policy has been not to waive and fees in the park,” said commissioner Gib Smart. “If we allow one, it opens the door for many others (fee waiver requests).”

Two part time police officers were approved for employment by the city council.

“Officer (Tim) McClain has taken retirement and our list of candidates has expired,” said Commissioner Brent Fogleman. “The next testing is 90 to 120 days out and we need the help during the summer months. With them we won’t have to pay so much overtime for officers.”

Officers Chris Nichols and Joey Houk are certified in other communities and live inside the county.

The council appointed commissioner Gib Smart, Police Chief David Tallman, and building inspector John Frederick as members of the Building Inspection Committee to review buildings in Shelbyville that have become a nuisance. The committee will make recommendation to the council regarding those buildings.

The council has targeted three buildings specifically, but Smart noted that there are many others in town that could be listed.

City Attorney Jack Kiley told the council that the owner of the decaying Lidster Hotel finally visited the site over the weekend.

“He now understands that it is worse than he thought it was,” Kiley said. Kiley added that a court date for action to condemn the building is set for April 19.

In other business the council approved:

- the Library fiscal year 2014-2015 budget, which showed a little more than $6,000 increase for the year.

- setting the $300 fee for non-compliant businesses who do not attain the license for brush disposal in the city waste facility.

- the transfer of Brent Shull from the water department to the cemetery department effective April 10.

- the mutual ILEAS mutual aid agreement renewal. This agreement sends officers to other locations in times of emergency, such as tornadoes or other disasters.

- having the Zoning and Planning commission review updated zoning code definitions.

In new business commissioner Thom Schafer reminds residents that, according to city code, there is an ordinance against burning refuse within the city limits.

“You can only burn what grows on your property,” Tallman added.

Schafer also reminds residents that the boulevards are not for signs. “On private property, no problem. Just not on the boulevards,” Schafer said.