Shelbyville Daily Union

April 15, 2014

Shelby County Art Show Results 2014

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Welcoming weather helped this year’s Shelby County Art Show to be quite busy with many visitors to the Lake Shelbyville Visitor Center. This SCAS had a large number of entries in both junior and adult divisions, as well as many demonstrators showing their works. Winners of this year’s show are as follows:

Overall Best of Show and 2-D Merit Award: Jan Kappes of Arcola, “Back Yard Flash Back #7-Peacocky”—ink on paper.

2-D Merit Award: Carol Kessler of Shelbyville, “Entering the Dacey Trail”—oil.

3-D Merit Award: Aaron Cole of Windsor, “The Lorax: The Once-Ler’s House”—wood.

Junior Best of Show Gr. 3-4: Matthew Christian of Central A&M Gregory Intermediate, “Self Portrait”—scratch board.

Junior Best of Show Gr. 5-8: Delaney Johnson of Okaw Valley Middle School, “Fall Flower”—marker and paint.

Junior Best of Show Gr. 9-12: Graham Garrett of Heritage Baptist Academy, untitled—pencil.

People’s Choice Adult: Jan Kappes of Arcola, “Portrait of Stinky”—ink and colored pencil.

People’s Choice Junior: Rachel Price of Shelbyville, “Styrofoam Castle”.

(Winning exhibits may be on display at DJ’s Custom Framing in Shelbyville for one week)

Door Prize Winners: fresh floral arrangement by Karen Cherry—Mercedes Welker. Oil painting by Carol Kessler—James Bingham. Wood pencil holder by Wayne Fisher—Tom Rood.

Adult Amateur

Barbara Althoff, Effingham—3 blue, 3 red, white. Christy Banning, Beecher City—3 blue, 2 white. Rhiannon Boehm, Mattoon—3 blue, red, 2 white. Susana Cabezas, Shelbyville--blue, 4 red, 3 white. Aaron Cole, Windsor—3 blue, 2 red. Delta Collett, Shelbyville—red, 2 white. Roberta Dimock, Shelbyville—2 blue, 2 white. Tom Gaddis, Shelbyville—blue, 5 white. Susan Holland, Shelbyville—blue, red, 4 white. Frank Holley, Shelbyville—4 blue. Norma Jean Jacobs, Pana—blue. Betty Mahnke, Stewardson—white. Lori Price, Shelbyville—2 blue. Jane Rood, Shelbyville—blue, 2 white. Louise Shippy Rouse, Pana—blue, red, 2 white. Paul Smith, Shelbyville—2 blue, red, white. Patricia Tait-Hendrickson, Shelbyville—white.

Advanced Adult Amateur

Barbara Brummer, Mattoon—5 blue. Don A. Davis, Mt. Zion—2 blue, 3 red. Karen Cherry, Tower Hill—3 blue, red, 2 white. Maggie Garner, Shelbyville—2 blue, 3 red. David McClain, Shelbyville—blue, red, white. Carole Stretch, Shelbyville—red, white. Daren Summer, Findlay—blue, red, white. Miriam T. Tait, Shelbyville—2 white.

Kopy Kat Korner

Joe Cresswell, Shelbyville—blue. Valerie Gaddis, Shelbyville—2 blue. Philip Manhart, Stewardson—2 blue. Paul Smith, Shelbyville—blue, white.

Professional Adult

Ron Bartanen, Sullivan—4 blue, 2 red. Shirley Buescher, Pana—blue, red, 2 white. Barbara Dove, Decatur—2 blue, red, 2 white. Jan Kappes, Arcola—6 blue. Carol Kessler, Shelbyville—6 blue, red. Dan Modzelewski, Shelbyville—3 blue, 2 red. Jamie Rutherford, Shelbyville—blue. Anthony Treadway, Shelbyville—5 blue, red. Jan VonBokel, Effingham—2 blue, 2 white. Jeremy D. Williams, Shelbyville—4 blue, 2 red.

Shelby County Community Service

Blue ribbons awarded to: Janet W. Karissa S. Danny R. Betsy M. Amber E. Dan B. Brian W. Eric C. Heather M. John S. Candice R. Ellen M. Marie F. Brett K. Jaclyn D. Marilyn C. Tracey W. Jodie S. Debra P. Willie P. Jared L. Donna D. John M. Ray W. Mark S.

Junior Exhibitors

Central A&M Gregory Intermediate:

3rd Grade—Matthew Christian, blue. Tiffany Esparza, white. Bailey McDermith, red. Madison McKinney red. Damien Miller, red. Jade Partner, white. Tommy Taylor, blue. Cheyenne Tulak, white.

4th Grade—Riley Adrian, red. Sydney Allen, red. Tamra Bush, red. Peyten Daniels, red. Olivia Houchins, blue. Mckayla Lawrence, blue. Morgan Malone, red. Zaylon Mandeville, white. Delaney Nation, blue. Maycen Schultz, white. Kylie VonSchnase, blue.

5th Grade—Caitlin Craft, red. Alexis Cutler, blue. Jacob Daniels, white. Valerie Golden, red. Chloe Jones, blue. Christina Myers, white. Alana Simms, red. Alesia Smegal, blue. Madison Warnick, white.

Central A&MMiddle School

8th Grade—Laura Beckett, red. Alalna Burgener, blue and white. Brandon Davis, blue. Patton Elliott, blue. Baylee Gaither, white. Brittany Harris, red. Tori Helm, red. Tyler Horton, blue. Hailey Hunter, blue and red. Marli McLeod, red. Ried Morrell, white. Wyatt Musick, red. Kaley Nidiffer, blue. Taryn Sams, red. Makenzie Smallwood, white. Selena Talley, blue. Madison Walker, blue. Ashley Webb, red. Brett Zindel, blue.

God’s After School Program (GAP) Shelby Christian Church

Collaborative paper crafting by grades K-5, blue.

Heritage BaptistAcademy

8th Grade—Rachel Lashley, blue. Morgan Murdock, blue.

High School—Graham Garrett, blue. Alex Reardon, red.

Lynda Ray’s Art Students

Holli Bayes, blue. Jackie Beck, 2 blue. Ben Mitchel, blue.


7th Grade—Victoria Miller, red.

Okaw Valley Middle School

5th Grade—Marissa Bell, red. Carleigh Bobbett, 2 red. Clayton Bone, red. Grace Bunfill, blue and red. Alex Carter, blue. Deanna Denier, red. Hannah Durbin, red. Madison Ehrmann, blue. Macie Fleshner, blue. Eli Hagerman, white. Calden Hanson, white. Julie Hildebrandt, blue and red. Korbin Lash, white. Delaney Johnson, blue. Miaya Lehman, red. Maddy Lewis, blue and red. Kelsey Lillico, red. Shelby Luckenbill, red. Emma Minard, 2 blue. Preston Ozier, white. Ty Phillips, 2 white. Ciera Perry, 2 blue. Madeline Ray, blue. Ryan Schodlatz, red. Donovan Schoonover, blue and red. Christopher Simpson, blue. Ethan Suarez, blue and red. Kameron Taylor, blue. Kalynn Teague, blue and red. Luke VanderBurg, blue and red. Connor Wood, blue. Olivia Whitney, white.

7th Grade—Cody Beck, blue. Isabel Benning, red. Kailynn Bobbett, 2 red. Sam Hagerman, blue. Shelby Hagerman, white. Shelby Harding, blue. Danielle Hill, white. Mackenzie Ingram, blue and red. Jalynn Johnson, 2 red. Colten Lash, white. Connor Powers, red. Brayden Primmers, blue. Talon Russell, white. Jewel Smith, blue. Baylee Suarez, blue. Madison Vogel, red. Chloe Wirey, white. Sadie Zimmerman, blue and white. Sidney Zimmerman, red.

8th Grade—Quinn Brooks, red. Hutson Dickens, 2 red. Cody Drake, 2 red. Garrett Fritz, blue and white. Savannah Gibbons, red. Kaytlyn Hinton, 2 red. Kyra Jackson, 2 white. Cheyenne Lucas, red. Justin Norris, blue. Cheyenne Walker, white.

High School—Emily Walker, blue and red.


7th Grade—Lucas Duduit, red. MaKaylynn Eakle, white. Ethan Foster, white. Jordan King, red. Sarah Lin, blue. Amanda Parker, blue.

8th Grade—Coltin Crowe, red.

High School—Madyson Butkaukas, white. Abby Cunningham, red. Dalton McGlauchlen, red. Brad Richardson, white. Timothy Wallace, red.


3rd Grade—Carli Canada, 2 white. Paige Endsly, white. Kayla Fairbanks, red. Zoe Fredrich, blue. Taylor Gossard, white. Nicole Graven, red and white. Erin Hall, white. Ava Heddrich, red. Mallory Holland, white. Dax McNeese, blue. Kalli Mathis, red. Emily Oligschlaeger, white. Michaela Thomas, blue. Gracee Tucker, blue. Samantha Wade, white. Daniel Watson, blue.

4th Grade—Jersey Binnion, white. Darrien Chasteen, blue. Ethan Clark, red. Emma Cogenie, blue. Madisyn Matheny, red. Fayth Sulwer, red.

5th Grade—Obadiah Kaiser, white. Abbie Kennell, blue. Kami Mathis, blue.

6th Grade—Carson Beyers, red and white. Hannah Hicks, blue. Julia Nees, blue. AJ Stokes, blue and white. Marley Tucker, blue and white.

7th Grade—Rylie Ackman, red. Taylor Hendrian, white. Emric Messado, blue. Tanner Parks, white.

8th Grade—Aspen Bridges, blue and white. Lexia Masulis, red. Clayton Peterson, red. Morgan Russell, white. Ryan Skowronski, blue.

High School—Caitlyn Atwood, 2 red. Tessa Bland, blue. Morgan Blumeyer, blue. Brittany Brown, 2 blue. Brooke Cieplik, red and white. McKenna Donald, blue and white. Netanya Fairbanks, red. Shelby Fleming, blue and red. Blake Hayden, red. Arianah Hocq, red. Katelyn Johnson, white. Kayla Lee, blue. Corinne Lockhart, blue. Morgan Matlock, blue. Justice Moore, blue and white. Brenden Nees, red. Rachel D. Price, blue. Blade Reedy, red. Leonel Salas, blue. Laura Seibert, red. Rhiannon Skinner, blue and red. Jeremy Starwalt, 2 red. Jessica Tice, 2 blue.

Trinity Lutheran

3rd Grade—McKenzie Holtz, red.

4th Grade—Sophie Gillet, white. Ethan Kirby, blue and red. Lance Lankow, blue. Gavan Wernsing, blue.

5th Grade—Mariah Caudill, blue. Anna Schlechte, blue and red.

6th Grade—Martina Gratz, red. Luke Jesgarz, white. Rachel Kessler, red. Aaron Kirby, blue. Jessey McCoy, red. Claire Moomaw, 2 blue.

7th Grade—Elizabeth Gillet, 2 blue. Megan Schlechte, red and white. Jocelyn Schultz, red.

8th Grade—Kelsey Beitz, red.

Vandalia Christian Academy

8th Grade—Noah Eddy, blue.