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June 14, 2013

Pageants, talent highlight Pow Wow Days

Cody Delmendo For the Daily Union
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The 34th annual Moweaqua Pow Wow was yet again full of food, carnival rides for all ages, and entertainment for anyone who wanted to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather. This year’s Pow Wow theme was “Where Old and New Friends Meet”.

On Thursday, the main entertainment was the pageant contests and a musical performance by Battle Creek Band.

In the Little Miss pageant contest, the first runner up was Kenzie Sloan and the winner and new 2013 Little Miss was Paige Simmons. Simmons is the 17th participant to win this award.

In the Junior Miss pageant contest, the second runner up was Hannah Stephens and the first runner up was Sidney Sloan. The new 2013 Junior Miss was Riley Wilson.

The final pageant contest was for the Miss Pow Wow 2013 Queen. Last year’s queen, Abby Burgener took part in hosting the competition by asking the participants questions. Second runner up was Ashley Newman and first runner up was Ashley Baczkowski. The winner and new Miss Pow Wow Queen was Rylee Wildt.

On Friday, the main entertainment was the Rock of Ages Band. The Band performed any kind of classic rock music from the 70s and 80s. One song they played was “Don’t Stop Believin”, a popular song made famous by the band Journey.

Friday and Saturday are also the main days that people come out and enjoy the festivities and catch up with old friends.

An old Moweaqua resident, Tina McStoots, came back to the Pow Wow for the first time in eight years. She said it was weird at first coming back, because it was the first time she had been back to the Pow Wow since her mother, Wilma Shelato, died.

“As soon as I saw an old friend I was okay. It felt right and I’m happy I came back.” McStoots said.

On Saturday, the day was full of things to do. One of the most popular things every year is the parade that goes downtown Moweaqua. The parade consisted of many students from Central A&M and other Moweaqua residence throwing candy to the public. It also had people networking their businesses trying to get more publicity.

The Decatur Park Singers were the main event for the night from 7-9 p.m. The singers performed any kind of Broadway music, but added their own twist to the song which made the song performances more than just a cover.

The main event for the whole weekend was the Talent Contest. There were four different categories for the competition, ages 0-11, ages 12-18, miscellaneous, and the adult division.

In the 0-11 division, Cody Manley took home third place with his piano playing. The first and second place finishers were sisters. Singers Alana Cutler took home second place and Alexis Cutler took home first place.

In the 12-18 category, Oliva Jordan took home third place. Kyler Gebert took home second place. The winner of the division was Madison Garner. All three participants sang a song for the crowd.

In the Miscellaneous division there were only four participants. Though, Justin Beck won third place after playing a song on his guitar. Drake Grubb took home second place after doing hunting noises, and Luke Besser won first place. Besser just recently had ACL surgery and was standing on one leg while on stage playing the guitar and harmonica, and singing “Wagon Wheel” made famous by Darius Rucker.

In the final category the adults finally got their turn to show off their talents. Rachel Snider took home third place. Amanda Collins took home second place with her song by Adele. Justin Bankley won the adult division with a country song.