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February 26, 2013

From the Courthouse

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Land Transfers

February 15 - 21, 2013

Quit claim deed from Ronald J. Zidek to Ronald J. Zidek and Sherry Lynn Zidek for property at Crane & Stevenson, block 39, lots 3-4.

Quit claim deed from Ronald J. Zidek to Ronald J. Zidek and Sherry Lynn Zideck for property at Crane and Stevenson, block 22, lot 1.

Tax deed from Jessica Fox, Shelby County Clerk, to Dennis D. Ballinger for property at Section 32, 12-2 SW Royalty Interest .04.

Quit claim deed from Dorothy E. Romberg to Bradley R. Montgomery for property at Section 28-11-5 SW.

Warranty deed from William D. Augenstein and Rebecca J. Augenstein to William E. Boyle, Jr. and Susan Darlene Boyle for property at Northcutts, block 1, lots 1-3, R.R. 1 Box 213, Neoga, Ash Grove Township, $55,000.

Warranty deed from Ruth Evelyn Schneider to Heath R. Estes for property at Section 36-10-4 NW in Holland Township, $50,000.

Warranty deed from Free Methodist Church of North America to Terry L. Burke and Jacqueline L. Burke for property at 315 N. Spruce, Shelbyville, $105,000.

Warranty deed from Les Miller and Lee Miller to Stoney Falk for property at 113 N. Main, Moweaqua, $34,500.

Corrected deed from First National Bank of Mattoon, trustee, Trust #2600-9317, to Round Rock Properties LLC for property at Windsor block 20, lots 8-10.

Warranty deed from Harold D. Mitchell and Sandra W. Mitchell to Velva J. Pope for property at Oconee block 5, lot 5.

Warranty deed from Joshua D. Boehm and Beleena D. Boehm to Jennifer L. Atteberry for property at 514 W. S. Second Street, Shelbyville, lot 4, $75,000.

Warranty deed from Lois McDonald to Jerry L. Turner for property at 403 W. N. 8th Street, Shelbyville, $92,000.

Executor deed from Joyce Ellen Brown, executor, Kenneth M. Brewer, deceased, to William D. Brewer for property at Section 15-12-4 NE SW and NW SE, rural Findlay, Okaw Township, $136,500.

Marriage Licenses

Winston McClain Gordon of Tower Hill and Susan Lynn Howell of Tower Hill

Mark Allan Lane of Decatur and Theresa Renee Ellis of Decatur


Stacey D. Foor of Lakewood and Kathy D. (Duckett) Foor of Lakewood