Shelbyville Daily Union

March 26, 2013

Strasburg Village Board meeting held

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The Strasburg Village Board met on Monday, March 11, 2012 at the Community Building in Strasburg. Present were Mayor Wayne Wirth, Trustees Mike Antonacci, Anita Renshaw, Dawn Schlechte, and Chuck Wade. Also present were Village Clerk Linda Oakley, Fiscal Clerk Bridget Polk, Public Works Superintendent Chris Daniels, Tom Newell, Gary Kull, Tom Grove, Larry Brown, and Julie Schultz.

Prior to the board meeting, a hearing on a design grant to replace the undersized cast iron lines in the Village was held. The application will be submitted to the state in April.

Mr. Brown and Ms. Schultz presented their concerns regarding a drain tile that had collapsed along Strasburg Street. Mr. Daniels and Mr. Newell will work with the residents to determine how the issue can be corrected.

Mr. Kull noted that the Village was represented at the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs Conference in Peoria by Mayor Wayne Wirth, Clerk Linda Oakley and himself. One of the presentations was in regard to using a new paver system for roads. Hopefully this might be a choice for the community building parking lot. Information was also received from the director of the Illinois Historical Society regarding a 20% tax credit for individuals who renovated a building that has been deemed an historical site. Mr. Kull also noted that there will be grants available through the Foundation for projects within the Village.

Ms. Polk noted that with the current payment, the TIF loan would be paid in full.

Discussion was held regarding purchasing a pre-pay cell phone for part-time employee.

Mr. Newell reported that the Sewer Lift Station replacement is progressing. The valve box should be set within the week, the motors and control panel had been ordered and should be shipped within the month.

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of the construction of a storage building at the back of the community building. Mayor Wirth will talk with the various organizations for their input.

Mr. Daniels reported the following: 1) the ditch at York Acres will be extended to the north for proper water drainage; 2) Dennis Wirth had contacted Mr. Daniels regarding the Lions Club plan to plant two maple and two oak trees at the park; 3) within the past six years, there were sixty-seven water breaks within the Village limits; 4) he has been investigating schooling opportunities to obtain his water/sewer license; 5) he had set up a tentative budget of $27,000-$30,000 for the street department for the current year with a proposal for a three year plan.

Mr. Daniels was appointed to approve building permits.

Discussion was held regarding fences within the Village’s limits. Motion passed that prior to a fence being installed, a building permit must be granted. Information needed for permit include dimensions/location of fence and information regarding material being used to construct fence. Said permit will cost $25.

Ms. Polk presented a preliminary budget. The budget for FY 2014 must be approved prior to April 30th.

Discussion was held regarding the Village applying for a credit card to be used by the Village Clerk, Fiscal Clerk and Public Works Superintendent. Clerk Oakley will check with the bank as to the procedure needed to obtain such card.

Mr. Grove was appointed to the position of Village Trustee to fill a vacancy. His term of office will go through 2015.