Shelbyville Daily Union

June 28, 2013

Miller soars for state title

Cody Delmendo Daily Union Staff Writer
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The future of high school track for Pana High School will be much improved with the addition of incoming freshman Adam Miller.

The son of Mike and Wendy Miller from Pana won the eighth grade state track championship in the high jump event. His jump was 5 ft., 11 inches. He finished in fourth place in the 110 meter hurdles event, as well, with a time of 15.8 seconds.

Miller also set the record for high jump at Pana Junior High School during the track season. The school record now sits at 6 ft., 2 and 1/4th inches. Miller was one of eight Pana students to break school records.

Miller said he was astonished after he won the state championship in the high jump. He said it made him feel like he accomplished something that he really wanted.

“It was one of those accomplishments that I knew I had to work really hard at to get,” Miller said.

Miller is from a family of athletes. His brother was in multiple sports while he attended Pana High School. He says his brother is his biggest influence and what drives him to be the best at whatever he does as an athlete.

“My brother Eric was such a great athlete, so his accomplishments make me want to strive and have better accomplishments than him,” Miller said.

Miller plans to continue playing sports in high school. Track, basketball, and football are his favorite sports to play. Miller said he enjoys playing football more because it is a sport where you can just put everything out on the field.

With his athletic abilities, Miller knows that he has a great opportunity to do something that he’s always wanted to do, whether it is in track, football, or basketball. All he has to do is stay focused and continue to get better each year as he goes through high school.