Shelbyville Daily Union

September 5, 2012

Grandchild in Trouble Scam Resurfaces


SHELBYVILLE, IL. — Shelbyville Police Chief David Tallman is alerting citizens of a resurfaced scam.

Tallman reported that grandparents and great grandparents in the area have been targeted by a telephone scam.

“A caller posing as the person’s grandchild says they’ve been involved in an accident and put in jail in a foreign country and they need money for bail,” Tallman said. “The caller will have lot of information about a family situation to convince the grandparent. They will ask for the money to be wired to them, usually through Western Union.”

A quick phone call to other family members or the grandchild himselve will reveal the truth.

“The best thing to do is to hang up and cut the conversation off,” Tallman said. “These people can be very convincing if allowed to keep talking.”

Tallman said that his office has received several reports on this particular scam although many other scams have been reported.

“This is just a small portion of the calls that are received. Very few of them are actually reported to us,” he said.

Unfortunately, there is no way to trace the calls and Tallman advises people to protect themselves against scams. He stressed that people should never wire or transfer money to anyone for any reason based on a phone call of this nature.