Shelbyville Daily Union

November 22, 2013

Common Core new standard in most states

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — In spite of a new set of standards, the basic skills of math and reading have not changed.

Common Core is the new standard being used by nearly all the states, replacing the standards of No Child Left Behind. It has been met with much criticism.

“Common Core is good for the kids and is not radically different. We are teaching the same math,” said Shelbyville Superintendent Denise Bence.

“We’re getting kids to set up the problem, not just give them a problem to work,” Bence explained. “It’s more about making it more real world -- understanding the problem and setting up the problem.”

Bence noted that Common Core standards are set by the state boards of education, not the federal government as in No Child Left Behind. Forty- five states have adopted Common Core, but Illinois has not.