Shelbyville Daily Union

April 16, 2013

Short-staffed Rams 9th at Monty

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Because of the spartan conditions, no scores were officially kept at the Monticello Boys Invite on Friday. Shelbyville scored in the middle of the 18-team event.

“Extreme cold temperatures and wind made for a really tough night to compete, but I thought we did very well,” said Coach Kevin Kramer.

Field Events:

Triple Jump: Kurtis Cameron - 17th out of 21. 33ft-0in.

I thought Kurtis did a pretty good job jumping in the cold and windy conditions. Of all the events the jumps were going to be effected the most by the weather.

Shot Put: Garrett Ferguson - 16th out of 44. 39ft-4in. Mikel Welton - 14th out of 44. 40ft-4.5in.

Garrett and Mikel threw decent. We really need to get them in the mid 40’s for them to score in the bigger meets. I think they can do it. They just have to put everything together in a meet situation.

High Jump: Darin Breeden - 5th out of 20. 5ft-8in. Much like the triple jump the high jumpers were having a rough time with cold and wind. Tough for them to stay warm and loose. I really think Darin has looked good the last two meets. He isn’t in top shape yet. I think the basketball injury he had has set him back a little, but I am confidant he will be where he needs to be by end of season.

3200 Run: Alex Matlock - 5th out of 33. 10:04.9, Marcus Skinner - 6th out of 33. 10:09.19, Seth Applegate - 13th out of 33. 10:43.8

The 3200 guys did a great job. This was a really tough meet for 3200 runners. You will see several all-staters from this field of runners. Alex and Marcus both had personal bests and Seth had a seasonal best. I was real happy how they competed against the tough field. The one area we have to improve on is pacing. We are going way too fast the first two laps and that is hurting the second half of our race. I look forward to seeing improve in that area. But you can’t be too unhappy about their effort and bests.

800 Run: Cory Powers - 2nd out of 38. 2:01.38, Myles Foor 4th out of 38. 2:02.72, Drennian Martin 6th out of 38. 2:03.78. The 800 guys really ran well. All of their times were seasonal bests and were close to their all-time bests. We went out a little slow but I would rather do that then too fast. As we get later in the year they will feel more comfortable going out faster. If we can get one more guy under 2:05 we could have a chance to break school record this year of 8:01. I think we can do it if we take care of business the next six weeks.

400 Dash: Preston Henze - 13th out of 31. 57.46, Devin Miner 15th out of 31. 58.11, Seth Durbin 16th out of 31. 59.01. Preston ran a personal best, Devin and Seth were close. Like I said with the cold and wind sprinters were going to have a tougher time. But I thought they competed well.

1600 Run: Neil Yockey - 5th out of 28. 4:44.66, Jaden Stockdale 9th out of 28. 4:53.29, Kenton Wilson 12th out of 28. 4:56.03 All three of the 1600 runners had personal best. I was really happy with all of their races. Jaden and Kenton went 1-2 in slow heat and Neil was up against some of the better runners in the state. The one thing that really made me happy was all three ran negative splits for their races. Meaning that they ran the second half of race faster than the first. That is an area that will really help lower your time.

4 x 400 Relay: 3rd out of 7 teams. Drennian Martin 55, Myles Foor 53, Alex Matlock 57, Cory Powers 52. Relay ran real well. It was very cold so I thought a couple of the guys were not warmed up well enough. Not so much that they didn’t stretch but because they just couldn’t get loose because of cold and wind. Arthur-Lovington won the race and we will see them again on Tuesday at Bi-County meet so I am looking forward to the rematch.

“We travel to Sullivan for the Bi-County Invitational on Tuesday,” Coach Kramer said. “We have won the meet for quite a few years now and we want to keep the streak going. But, it will be tough. Neoga, Arthur-Lovington, SOV, and Central A & M all have great teams. We have our work cut out for us.”