Shelbyville Daily Union

April 18, 2014

Audit report: County's finances 'level'

Valorie Eversole Daily Union Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The county’s finances are “level”, according to Robin Yockey of Mose, Yockey, Brown and Kull LLC.

Yockey presented the audited financial report to the County Board during last week’s regular meeting.

“The county’s finances remained relatively level because capital projects were completed and because of timing of payments from the State,” Yockey said

Highlights from the audit include an increase in income tax payments, a 2.8 percent property tax increase, completed projects at the airport and courthouse, no new indebtedness, additional highway funding from the State, completed highway projects and receipt of benevolence funds to the Sheriff’s Department.

The audit report was approved as presented.

Highway engineer Alan Spesard presented petitions for approval on bridge projects throughout the county.

The board approved a joint agreement between IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) and Shelby County for bridge replacementn in Holland Township located approximately 5 miles southeast of Cowden. Estimated cost of the replacement is $455,000. Bid letting will be June 15.

The board approved a resolution to award bridge contract in Lakewood Township to Schmidt Construction in the amount of $293,759. Estimated cost was $294,000. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) will reimburse 75 percent of the cost.

“Lakewood Township will need to get a loan to pay for the cost of the work before IEMA will reimburse the FEMA funds,” Spesard explained.

“Typically the bridges are paid by the county, but FEMA doesn’t want to do it this way. They want Lakewood to provide the funds for FEMA to reimburse. But Lakewood doesn’t have any money and will have to take out a loan. IEMA will send approval to go forward with the project and will distribute the FEMA funding,” County Board chairman Bruce Cannon further explained.

The board approved a petition for replace a drainage pipe in Oconee Township, approximately one mile southeast of Oconee. The road that it is located on is currently closed. Estimated cost is $6,000 to be shared between the county and the township.

Spesard reported that two railroad crossing approached in Okaw Township south of Findlay will be improved with lights and gates and that the bridge construction south of Henton has started. He also reported that the Assumption-Findlay Road intersection will be given a new micro surface and that Fayette County will resurface their portion the county line road between Cowden and Herrick. One bridge is scheduled to be replaced on that road and another bridge is scheduled to be replaced in fiscal year 2016. The road will be closed during the resurfacing later this summer.

In other action the board approved the resolution to amend the delinquent tax program agreement which involves a name change of the firm for the program.

The board approved the intergovernmental agreement, resolution and ordinance for FY 2015 Rural Transportation, Certificate of Intent, Special Warranty Acceptance, Purchase of Service contract with CEFS/CIPT, and Vehicle Lease agreement as presented by CEFS Transportation Director Dennis Shiley.

The board also approved support for the resolution opposing Senate Bill 3263 Wind Energy Facilities Construction and Deconstruction Act. Board member Rob Amling noted that with wind farms in McLean County there has been lots of road damage.

Chairman appointments approved were:

- Mark Wolf, trustee of the Tri-County Fire Protection District

- John Beldon, trustee of the Strasburg Fire Protection District

- Mike Kessler, trustee of the Stewardson Fire Protection District

- Kevin Kersey, trustee of the Cowden Fire Protection District

- Brian West, trustee of the Cowden Fire Protection District

- Don Selby, trustee of the Tower Hill Fire Protection District

- Penny Standerfer, trustee of the Shelbyville Fire Protection District

- Cooperative Extension Committee reappointments - Don Strohl, Gary Gergeni, and Jesse Durbin