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July 12, 2013

Shelby Men's Softball Pizza War

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Shelbyville Men’s Softball 2013 could be shaping up into a Pizza War Playoff.

Joe’s Pizza and Monical’s Pizza (formerly Legends Draft House) were knotted at the top of the league at 7-1, until Joe’s, now 9-1, won a double dip on Wednesday. The only team at this time that could wash out the Pizza War is B&R Marine at 6-2.

There are still 10 nights of men’s softball play in July and early August. Anything could happen, but its going to take some personality changes to affect the pattern that has been set during the first portion of the season.

Joe’s Pizza, Monical’s Pizza and B&R Marine are each several games over .500. BAMF is chasing .500 at 5-7 and Naber Grain has an uphill climb to break even. Meanwhile, winless DJ’s Landscaping is suffering mold exposure down in the basement at 0-12.

B&R Marine has two chances to upset the apple cart in an 8-day span. B&R plays Monical’s Pizza on Friday, then plays Joe’s Pizza the following Friday. Joe’s Pizza and Monical’s Pizza do not play again until Friday, August 8.

Shelbyville Mens Softball Standings

(as of 7-10)

Joe’s Pizza 9-1

Monical’s Pizza 7-1

B & R Marine 6-2

BAMF 5-7

Naber Grain 3-7

DJ’s Landscaping 0-12

*Legend’s Draft House is now Monical’s Pizza.