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April 26, 2013

Moll Records 1,000 Ks

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — On April 12th Grace Moll reached her 1000th career strikeout.

Moll threw 291 strikeouts her freshman year, 327 strikeouts her sophomore year (when the Rams were state runner-ups), 284 strikeouts her junior year, and through 10 games this year had thrown 129 strikeouts for a total of 1031 strikeouts.

That is just part of the story. After all, other pitchers have thrown 1000 Ks.

Moll, an all-state pitcher, has not pitched as many innings as some of the others who have more strikeouts in their career. Although Moll pitched almost every game her freshman year, when the Rams started the season 16-0, her sophomore through senior years, she took games off and allowed the other Ram pitchers get work in. Moll also dominated other teams so much, when she did pitch, a lot of those games only went five innings. Had they gone seven, her number of strikeouts would have grown exponentionally.

Moll has averaged 1.95 Ks per inning for her career. She has averaged 13.7 Ks per seven innings. While Moll has thrown 1031 strikeouts, she has only walked 171 batters. She strikes out six batters for every one she walks.

Her record is 73-10 (89.8%) in high school. She throws as fast as 70 miles per hour and has a myriad of different pitches. Moll’s earned run average (ERA) for her career is a miniscule 0.87. Her junior year her ERA was almost invisible (0.64). Moll, of course, has several shutouts, no-hitters, and perfect games in her resume.

In addition, to being an all-state pitcher, Moll has also been one of the leading hitters for the Rams all through high school. She hits for power and average, hitting just short of .500 this year.

Moll has already signed to pitch next year for the University of Arkansas in the SEC conference that boasts five of the top 10 teams in the country.

Moll Career Stats

Freshman: (21-1) 291 Ks, 135.2 IP, 48 BBs, ERA. 0.98, hits 54, runs 29 (ER 19), G 22, GS 22, CG 21

Sophomore: (24-4) 327 Ks, 183 IP, 58 BBs, ERA 0.80, hits 82, runs 32 (ER 21), G 29, GS 28, CG 26

Junior: (19-4) 284 Ks (14/7 IP), 142 IP, 30 BBs (1.48/7 IP), ERA 0.64, hits 61, runs 40 (ER 13)

Senior: (9-1) 129 Ks, 66.7 IP, 35 BBs, 3 HBP, ERA 1.06, hits 19, runs 15 (ER 10)