Shelbyville Daily Union

March 11, 2014

Eagle Creek followup statement


SHELBYVILLE, IL. — In a followup to the Eagle Creek update story printed earlier this week, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources released the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

“The IDNR is committed to Eagle Creek Resort and the value that it holds for the local and regional economy.  After BMDD recently abandoned the resort, the agency is reviewing BMDD’s obligations under the lease and the status of the resort, and will continue to take strong measures to ensure that the interests of the taxpayers of Illinois, and the Lake Shelbyville communities, are protected.  Our short term focus is to ensure proper maintenance of the golf course, and IDNR is committed to creating economic opportunity and job creation with a functioning and successful Eagle Creek Resort.”

In light of these developments, State Senator Chapin Rose responded: "I thank Director Marc Miller for taking the time to get involved in this issue. We are going to close this door and move forward."

A 10-day letter, as stated in the earlier article, was not sent to BMDD.