Shelbyville Daily Union

August 16, 2013

County Board approved proposed budget for 2014

Valorie Eversole Daily Union Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The Shelby County Board approved the new fiscal year budget that would put the county nearly $235,000 in the black.

The proposed budget for fiscal year 2013-2014 counters the past year’s budget which was just over $500,000 in deficit.

The budget takes into consideration the costs of health care for county employees that will take place in January with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Budget amendments were also presented and approved to the 2012-2013 budget.

Jared Rowcliffe, Zoning administrator and Emergency Management administrator, was given a third title in board action Wednesday. The board approved Board Chairman Bruce Cannon’s appointment of Rowcliffe as Program Compliance Oversight Manager for the CEFS public transit program.

“This is an IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) requirement,” Cannon explained. Rowcliffe will be tracking IDOT funds for the program, manage ridership issues, and be the contact with CEFS. He will spend approximately 25 percent of his time in this position.

The board approved not only the appointment, but also the compensation amount for the position and a line item in the budget.

The board approved the Shelby County Health Department Food and Sanitation Ordinance which will allow for additional inspections of “high risk” food facilities. These include businesses that prepare food in advance and reheat them for customers.

“About 80 percent of food borne illness is from advance prepped foods,” said Shelby County Health Department director Steve Melega.

Five board members voted against the ordinance.

The unanimously approved two of the three appointments offered by chairman Cannon.

Mose, Yockey, Brown and Kull were approved as accountants for the county and Marvin Debolt was reappointed to the Stewardson Fire Protection District.

However some board members objected the appointment of Robert Swiney as Public Defender. Eight members voted no.

“The judge (Bennett) made the recommendation,” said Cannon. “The appointment will be for one year and the judge will monitor the situation. This vote is sending a clear message that there is a problem.”

The board approved a joint agreement with IDOT for funding and approved the engineering agreement with Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick for the bridge replacement near Henton as presented by County Engineer Alan Spesard.

Spesard also reported that IDOT is requiring two bridges in Rose Township. Because there was no convenient way around one bridge approximately five miles northeast of Tower Hill, Spesard requested replacing the bridge with pipes as soon as possible at a cost of $25,000 to be shared equally between the township and the county. This was approved.

Spesard also asked for weight reduction on a wooden bridge on a county highway. This was also approved.

In other reports, Spesard said that the Clarksburg bridge is open and the railroad crossings in complete and open. He has also requested that a bridge in Lakewood Township be replaced using flood disaster funds from FEMA. Shelby County was declared one of the flood disaster counties by FEMA in April. Spesard reported that the bridge letting in Ash Grove Township was won by Depew and Owen and that a pre-job meeting will be held in August.

Zoning administrator Jared Rowcliffe reported that there were 12 building permits in July. As EMA administrator Rowcliffe reported that 30 weather radios were programmed at the radio programming day in July. He added that he has five radios left for sale.

Rowcliffe said the rural addressing program is “still plugging through” and anticipates completion by August 31. The addresses will have to be verified by the local post offices before cards are sent out. Some cards have already been sent out to the southern part of the county.

Board member Robert Jordan reported that someone had recently broken in to the animal control shelter and turned animals loose. Animal control officer Brad Hudson was able to recapture all the animals.

A security camera has been ordered, according to Hudson.

Cannon reported that the county has received $47,000 from the Clean Energy grant from the courthouse improvement and $9,000 from the State Board of Elections grant to be used toward software.