Shelbyville Daily Union

January 24, 2014

Rural Emergency Addressing Project complete

Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Shelbyville – After nearly eighteen months of planning and work, the Rural Emergency Addressing system implemented by the Shelby County Board during their June 13, 2012 meeting is coming to a close. Every zip-code in Shelby County has had post cards, denoting the resident’s former rural route address and their new Rural Emergency Address, sent to it.

“This new system provides homeowners with a physical address,” noted Rowcliffe. “The location of an emergency is a vital piece of information for emergency responders. If the responders cannot find their home, they cannot help.”

Sheriff Mike Miller added, “I appreciate everyone’s patience with the implementation of the new emergency addresses. In an emergency time is of the essence, in the past valuable time has been spent by dispatch and first responders trying to determine the location of a residence with a rural route address or by vague directions given by the caller. The new emergency addresses will allow first responders to arrive at the scene of an emergency much quicker.”

This new system has replaced all of the rural route addresses currently in the county. If a homeowner has not received a card or if they have any questions they should contact Shaun Vester at the Coles County Regional Planning Commission at (217) 348-0521.