Despite soaring temperatures in the nineties, 72 descendants of George and Magdalena Luck met on July 30 for their 84th annual reunion at Forest Park in Shelbyville.

Those attending from Shelbyville were: Tammy and Zach Frye; Donna Lupton; Bonnie and Dick Clark; Jack Kensil; Janet Kensil; Cory, Jennifer and Reiss Frye; Janine Furr; Clark and Shirley Furr; Bob and Martha Kensil; Zach and Garrett Keown; Tom and Brenda Horsman; Rick, Melanie, Michael and Taylor Clark; Terry Furr and George Furr.

Those attending from out of town were: Ruth M. Munson, Pana; Mike, Kim, Jonathon and Cameron Owens, Pana; Bill and Elaine Furr, Bethany; Barbara and Margaret Owens, Bethany; Russell and Lavonne Furr, Roanoke; Dee, Elizabeth and Brittney Wicker, Bourbonnais; John Kensil, Decatur; Lyn, Cindi, Dalton, Nicole and Macy Owens, Lakewood; John, Kathy, Lydia, Claudia and Audrey Lupton, Springfield; Konnie Kensil, Springfield; Juile, Mick, Shelby, Megan, and Garrett Ferguson, Findlay; Greg, Tammy and Kelsey Ward, Findlay; Ken Lupton, Edinburg; Greg, Ann, Hannah and Claire Lupton, Palmer; Rich Furr, Champaign; and Margie Harris, Urbana,

Those attending from out of state were Chuck and Catherine Gaston, Wichita Falls, TX; and Kathy, Terry, and Delores Burtsfield, South Bend, IN.

Next year’s reunion will be held at Forest Park on July 29, 2007.

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