donor sculpture

The Donor Recognition Sculpture has been completed for the Shelbyville Family Aquatic Center. This piece was commissioned by the Area Community Foundation Committee. The work was done by noted artist Dann Nardi, formerly of Shelbyville.

John Carswell
Shelbyville Daily Union

The Shelbyville City Council held their bi-monthly meeting Monday, August 21. The council discussed the proposed bond issue that will finance much needed repairs to the city’s water and sewer infrastructure.

Commissioner Tim Finks told the council three Shelbyville banks have agreed to issue the $3.5 million in 20 year bonds needed for the project. Those banks are Shelby County State Bank, First Federal Savings and Loan, and First Trust Bank. Mayor Gary Crowder was on vacation but Commissioner Finks said Crowder was apprised of these developments and was in agreement.

The council voted to go with a sewer bond issue as opposed to the city levying a tax to be used if the payments could not be made.

“We will have a proposed bond ordinance that will be on file starting Sept. 5 and lay over until Sept. 15 when we will vote on it,” said Finks. “That ordinance just outlines what we are to do with everything.”

These improvements to the city’s water, sewer and lagoon projects have been needed for several years. This work has been put off while area communities tried to put a regional sewer system together. After that plan fell apart the communities were left to do the work on their own.

In other actions the council voted to pay off the $238,000 still owed on the property that the city’s water wells sits on. By paying this loan off early the city will save $75,000 in interest.

The council voted to allow the Shelbyville schools to charge admission on school sponsored sporting events held in the city park.

“We received a letter from Mr. Verdum, School Superintendent, requesting permission to charge admission fees for junior high softball home games during the fall of 2006 and girls high school softball games during the spring of 2007,” Park Commissioner Noel Bolinger told the council.

Bolinger also updated the council on needed repairs to the Chautauqua Building in Forest Park. He said the first part of these repairs was the Historic Structure Report so the city will know what all has to be done to get that building repaired.

“We have applied for two grants so far to try to help us with some of the costs,” Bolinger told the council.

Bolinger said he does not want city workers climbing on the roof of that building putting up Christmas lights.

“At this point in time we do not think it is dangerous or in need of being closed but it is something we need to keep an eye on,” Bolinger continued.

Bolinger also informed the council that the old trolley that has been used by the city in the past has been sold to a company in Charleston. Bolinger told the council the donor recognition sculpture is completed at the Aquatic Center.

“That project was done by Dann Nardi, an artist that lives in Normal, IL, he did a good job, it looks real nice,” said Bolinger.

Nardi is the son of Jim and Erma Nardi of Shelbyville and grew up in Shelbyville.

Street Commissioner Tom Coventry informed the council the Woods Street Bridge will be closed for about a week for repairs.

Finally the council recognized two city employees who have worked for the city for twenty years. Those employees are Mark Walbright of the Sewer Dept. and Marvin Binnion of the Street Department.

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