Pruitt had to go as EPA chief

Apparently, one of the requirements to be the head of the Environment Protection Agency is to be good buddies with prolific polluters. Another requirement is to live high on the hog at taxpayers’ expense.

And Scott Pruitt is very good at both. Being of an impartial frame of mind, it naturally made him the ideal choice to lead the EPA, which is charged with the responsibility of protecting the environment. He resigned last week after a scandal-plagued term

Upon taking office, Pruitt dismissed global warning; never mind that global warming is a fact, and he is full of baloney.

But, we live an age where people believe what they want to believe, and facts be damned. Roughly, 381 years ago, the Inquisition forced Galileo to say he was wrong – by golly, the Earth did not revolve around the sun. Why, the pope said so!

I find it a bit puzzling why people get downright mad when the subject of global warming comes up. Why roll the dice? Got somewhere else to go, like another planet?

In any case, believe or not, what is going on with Pruitt’s running up a hefty tab on your taxes? Pruitt is like a hog at the trough. Take flying for example. Government officials are supposed to take the cheaper seats. That has not been the case with Pruitt. After all, he is not footing the bill – you are.

His reason for quitting the common folk seats was comical. Passengers had an inexcusable habit of telling him what they thought of his policies. Apparently, it is not prudent to be imprudent with Pruitt. His excuse was that on one of his flights, another passenger approached and said: “‘Scott Pruitt, you’re f— up the environment.”

Admittedly, using the “f” word to express dissatisfaction with a government official is not something my mom would have approved of. But, this is America, folks, land of the free and home of free speech; government big wigs like Pruitt are not exempt. As old Harry Truman famously said, “If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

Since he moved into his fancy office in Washington, D.C, Pruitt has been doing his best to insulate himself from the public. He gathered a security detail around him that would turn President Donald Trump's hair green.

Pruitt even locked down the floor his office is on (maybe, he forgot Osama bin Laden is dead). And he spent $25,000 for a “cone of silence in his office to prevent eavesdropping (there goes my plan).

I liked the one about Pruitt’s unrequited request that sirens be turned on to allow his vehicle to pass through intersections, unfettered. That reminds me of a former mayor in our town who had police officers stand at intersections to stop traffic for his convenience.

Pruitt should have been fired (and God knows he deserved it). I would have enthusiastically favored having all the intersections cleared in order to facilitate his exit as quickly as possible.

But, do not expect him to spend some of his $5 million to reimbursed taxpayers. It ain’t gonna happen.

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