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January 22, 2010

Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce Strategic Marketing Plan


Acknowledging that all categories of consumer overnight visits are important, both leisure and business, every effort has been made to leverage existing resources over the broad travel industry, while marketing sense dictates that we prioritize efforts for maximum impact. Various marketing tactics such as qualitative market research, economic research, advertising, promotions, direct marketing, public relations, collateral, development and distribution of fulfillment and special events are used with each program area to reach the plan's major objectives.


The mission of the Chamber is to provide positive leadership with the highest standard of integrity. The Chamber will encourage a strong local economy through business growth and retention to enhance quality of life through an informed membership and community. In partnership with the membership and the community, the Chamber will work and influence public policy to promote welfare of our membership and community.


1. To increase the awareness of Shelbyville's destination brand

2. To increase Shelbyville destination travel spending

3. To increase the number of Shelbyville overnights and longer leisure trips with emphasis on mid-week and off-peak travel

4. To increase visitor inquiries over the previous year

The Chamber achieves its goals through internet marketing, weekly electronic mail newsletters, ribbon cutting ceremonies, working with local print, television, internet, and radio media outlets for promotional needs, public relations, marketing programs and development/sponsorship of festivals and events.

The Chamber can measure success by Sales Tax Collections, Internet statistics, and membership levels.



The Greater Shelbyville primary GEOGRAPHIC target market is travel decision makers in Illinois, Northern Missouri, and Indiana.

RATIONALE: The Greater Shelbyville area is easy to reach by car. We assume for now that Northern Missouri and Indiana residents are less familiar with the Greater Shelbyville area than Illinois residents. The Greater Shelbyville area needs to stay top-of-mind to remind this target audience of the many things to do in the Greater Shelbyville area and in the summer, targeting Lake Shelbyville's beauty and activities. Potential visitors need to be told of the many reasons for more frequent and longer overnight visits. Particular attention will be paid to encouraging visitation during our slower fall and winter seasons, as well as during mid-week. Chicago and St. Louis are perfect target markets as the diverse demographics provide opportunities for many of the retired and affluent residents who are available to travel mid-week.

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