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January 22, 2010

Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce Strategic Marketing Plan



The main attraction to the Greater Shelbyville area is the natural, scenic beauty of the area on and around Lake Shelbyville. Our strongest distinction among other destinations is our ability to host visitors and activities on and around the lake. Fishing tournaments, golf, boat races, hunting, camping, and boating provide us a strategic advantage over many other travel destinations. Surveys should be considered to poll visitors on the reasons for their visit as well as seek out suggestions where we can improve Shelbyville to become the top-of-mind destination of travelers.


Lack of community consensus concerning tourism and tourists

Insufficient financial resources to compete for visitor dollars in comparison to other destination marketing budgets.

Business operating hours not always conducive to visitor needs

Lack of communication between business community, governmental agencies, Chamber Board, and tourism officials.


Increasing use of the Internet

Marketing through the travel industry distribution system

Develop a strategic plan including a community consensus regarding the future of Shelbyville's visitor market

Consider reinvesting some hotel occupancy tax into a strategic plan designed to increase our market share of visitor spending at local merchant stores

Develop marketing partnerships locally and regionally to enhance our marketing resources, thereby creating greater impact to attract visitors

Conduct workshops for local businesses providing training on how to maximize profitability in a visitor spending economy

Work closely with the Army Corps of Engineers to help promote the assets and services that the lake has to offer

Work to promote local retail and restaurant business to local consumers and consumers in the surrounding area


The Chamber aims to increase visitor and local resident spending by branding the Greater Shelbyville area and assisting to create memorable, educational and positive experiences in the area by:

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