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January 22, 2010

Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce Strategic Marketing Plan


Media Relations

Community Relations


Generate 25 media inquiries

Generate 4 contacts per year with members

Coordinate familiarization discussions for local journalists

Produce 6 media news releases

Conduct 12 media interviews

Distribute relocation packets

Participate in 12 community presentations

Produce 6 community media press releases

Produce and distribute 6 editions of the a consumer newsletter to the visitor center

Help produce and distribute 26 editions of the Chamber membership newsletter to members

Produce and distribute the annual report

Media Relations

The following strategies are intended to provide the best public relations outreach for the various geographic markets and target audiences within our budget. They are listed and grouped by emphasis on markets of priority. In all cases, we have taken into account gaining maximum impact for the Chamber budget.

Target: Regional Media

RATIONALE: The regional media agencies are familiar with the Greater Shelbyville area. The Greater Shelbyville area is convenient and easy to cover, but the coverage has been superficial and routine. The Greater Shelbyville area needs to be positioned in a new, fresh and expanded way.

Target: Illinois and Neighboring State Media Market

RATIONALE: The undiscovered, the new and the fresh always have tremendous appeal and the Greater Shelbyville area can offer media professionals these hooks. It is important for the Chamber to use public relations to extend its reach beyond what the advertising budget can achieve. To maximize every dollar, the Chamber will work cooperative public relations with an emphasis on the Illinois State and neighboring states markets. The website, local news websites, press releases, and Office of Tourism Guides can aide in this effort.


Achieve a greater “share of the voice” for the Greater Shelbyville area in the Illinois travel media coverage

Increase coverage in Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis as a travel destination

Implement public relations programs designed to support the overall mission and goals of the Chamber and to support the Chamber Marketing Plan.

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