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January 22, 2010

Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce Strategic Marketing Plan



Tourism Guide

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Shelby County Tourism Guide

The Shelby County Tourism Guide, has been created with the specific purpose of reaching the potential visitor in the planning process. The guide is published by the Office of Tourism in the fall of each year.

RATIONALE: The guide is a primary tool used to show the potential visitor the possibilities available in the Greater Shelbyville area and Shelby County and to assist in their trip planning. Traditional sales pieces of this nature increase overall consumer spending in the destination. All marketing programs (advertising, public relations and travel trade) direct visitors to the Chamber and Office of Tourism phone numbers and websites, where they can request a visitor's guide to be mailed to them or view the guide online using turn-page technology.


Produce and distribute 25,000 guides to potential visitors in 12 months

Increase private sector support and advertisements

Develop research analysis to consumers who requested information

Collect email addresses from those who inquire and create a database to allow for marketing opportunities and event notifications.


Develop a comprehensive and useful tool for the potential visitor

Distribute the majority of the 25,000 guides to potential visitors in the planning process


Educate the Greater Shelbyville area visitor industry on the concept and purpose of the visitor's guide in an effort to encourage more listings, and thereby produce a more comprehensive planning tool

Provide the potential visitor with possibilities for activities, attractions, lodging and travel essentials

Continual email survey to those consumers requesting a guide


Develop and implement a fulfillment/distribution program

Continue relationship with the Shelby County Office of Tourism to enhance partnership

Web Site Maintenance & Development

As web sites become more prevalent as marketing tools and research tools for consumers, continued emphasis will be placed on content, promotional tie-ins and internet marketing.

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