The Central A&M Raider softball team behind the arm of Allie Dunn, opened their season on the road on Monday with an 8-run win over Okaw Valley, 11-3.

The Timberwolves got the better of A&M in basketball this season 2 out of 3 times, eliminating the Raiders from the season at regional championship. In softball, A&M is one up on the Wolves.

The opposing pitchers had a ton of strikeouts, each, but A&M out-hit the T'Wolves 9 to 0. A&M's Dunn threw a no-hitter, striking out 15 and walking 5. Okaw's Grace Bunfill struck out 16 and walked 6, but also gave up 9 hits, including a double and a triple. Bunfill hit two batters and threw two wild pitches.

The Okaw fielders had 3 errors and A&M just one. A&M left 8 men on base and Okaw Valley 6.

A&M got on the board first thanks to a pair of walks in the 1st and a 2-run single. Second baseman Tempe Helton led off with a walk and went to 2nd on a passed ball. Shortstop Brooke Friesner moved her to 3rd by grounding out to Miaya Lehman at 2nd. Dunn walked and stole 2nd.

Rylee Dixon came to the plate with runners at 2nd and 3rd and one out. Dixon slapped a single and drove both runs home. Bunfill KO'd the next two batters, one on a 3-2 pitch and the other on just three pitches.

Okaw came to the plate, down 2-0. They went in order with two strikeouts and a ground out to Helton at 2nd.

A&M had a quick return to the dish. Bunfill was waiting. She rang up the first two batters, both on 3-2 pitches. Bunfil then plunked Sams, who stole 2nd. That opened the door for the top of the order and a rally.

Helton singled Sams home, 3-0. Friesner blasted an RBI-triple, 4-0. Dunn followed with an RBI-double, 5-0. The next batter hit to Danielle Lochbaum at 1st for the 3-unassisted out.

Okaw had another chance at the plate, but was retired in order again. Madison Vogel led off with a walk, but was out stealing. Dunn KO'd the next two batters with just one ball to each.

A&M came back for another bite at the apple in the 3rd, but Okaw retired them in order. The first batter grounded out to Bella Benning at 3rd. Bunfill rang up the next batter on a 3-2 pitch. She walked Channing Reed, but Reed was caught stealing to end the inning.

Okaw still could get no traction against Dunn in the 3rd. Kate Jeffers struck out, but made it to 1st on a dropped 3rd strike. Dunn earned 4 strikeouts that inning. She KO'd the next two batters on 3 pitches, each. She KO'd the lead-off hitter on a full count. A&M still led 5-0.

Bunfill started the 4th throwing two Ks, both on full counts. However, she gave up a walk to Helton with two outs and no one on. Helton stole 2nd and Frisener kncked her in on an RBI-single. Dunn was hit by a pitch to make it 2 on, 2 out. Dixon was out on an interference call, 6-0 A&M.

Dunn had control issues to start the bottom of the 4th and Okaw took advantage. Bunfill led off with a walk. Natalie Jeffers walked and Vogel walked to load the bases.

Danielle Lochbaum walked as Dunn walked in a run. Natalie Jeffers scored on a passed ball and the other runners advanced. Bella Benning struck out, but the catcher, Reed, had to throw her out at 1st on a dropped ball. Vogel scored on the play.

Kate Jeffers tried a sacrifice bunt, but was out. Dunn rang up the next batter on 3 pitches to get out of the inning, still leading, 6-3.

A&M got two on in the 5th, but couldn't extend their lead. Bunfill threw a K on 3 pitches for the 1st out. Burgener singled and Reed was safe on a fielder's choice. Bunfill did her job, ringing up the next two batters on full counts.

Okaw went in order in the 5th. Dunn threw another strikeout on 3 pitches. Paige Coleman grounded out to Denton at 3rd. Bunfill flew out to Sams in left field.

The game was still in play to start the 6th, but the Raiders then put it out of reach with a 5-run rally starting with the top of the order.

Helton led off with a single and Friesner walked. Dunn singled and an error allowed Helton to score. A wild pitch moved the runners and Dixon reached on an error and ended up at 3rd with two runs across, 9-3.

Bunfill rang up the next batter. Burgener walked.Dixon scored on another wild pitch and Burgener advanced. Bunfill KO'd the batter for the 2nd out.

Denton singled and drove Burgener home, 11-3. Sams reached on an error and Denton went to 3rd. Bunfill KO'd Helton on a full count to bring on the Okaw 6th.

Okaw went in order. Natalie Jeffers lined a shot to left, but Sams caught it. Dunn KO'd the next two batters.

In the A&M 7th, Bunfill struck out the sides, two on full counts, one on 3 pitches. Okaw went 1, 2, 3 in the 7th. Dunn KO'd the first batter. The next batter grounded out to short and the final batter struck out.

A&M had three batters with multiple hits. Dunn hit 2-for-2, walked, scored twice and drove in one. Helton hit 2-for-3, walking twice scoring 4 times and driving in one. Friesner was 2-for-3 with a walk, two runs and two RBIs. Rylee Dixon was 1-for-4, but scored once and drove in 4 runs.

A&M (1-0) plays Windsor/Stew-Stras at Windsor on Tuesday at Windsor. Okaw Valley hosts Paris on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m., then travels to Edinburg on Saturday at 10 a.m.


Central A&M 11, Okaw Valley 3

CA&M  230 105 0--11-9-1

Okaw  000 300 0--3-0-3

A&M stats: Helton 2-for-3, 2 BB,SB,  4 runs, RBI; Friesner 2-for-3, BB, 3B, 2 runs, 2 RBI (#17 0-for-1); Dunn 2-for-2, HBP, BB, SB, 2B, 2 runs, RBI; Dixon 1-for-4, ROE, SB, run, 4 RBIs (#9 0-for-1); Denton 0-for-4; Brurgener 1-for-3, BB, run; Reed 0-for-3, FC, BB; Denton 1-for-4, RBI; Sams 0-for-3, HBP, ROE, SB, run. Pitching (W) Dunn 7 IP, 3 runs, 0 hits, 5 BBs, 15 Ks. 

Okaw stats: Coleman 0-for-3; Bunfill 0-for-2, BB, run; N Jeffers 0-for-2, BB, SB, run; Vogel 0-or-1, 2 BBs, run; Lochbaum 0-for-2, BB, RBI; Benning 0-for-3, RBI; K Jeffers 0-for-3; Landreth 0-for-1 (Kennedy 0-for-2); Lehman 0-for-2. Pitching (L) Bunfill 7 IP, 11 run, 9 hits, 6 BBs, 16 Ks.

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