Bill Koons won for the second straight week out at the Shelbyville Horseshoe Club rotating doubles weekly tournament, taking Class A with a 6-1 record, while Frank Roedner won the B Class with a 4-1 record.

Koons won the first six matches, but then dropped the final game of the night, in the closest game of the night, with partner Pete Rankin, 30-28, to spoilers Lloyd Ruff and Birdman Gill.

Ruff placed second with the help of that win in the nightcap. Ruff had a record of 5-2, after losing game one and then bouncing back to win five out of the next six. Ruff had 32 points in loss and thereby edged out Craig Daugherty, who also had a 5-2 record, but just 19 points in loss.

Top percentage pitcher at SHC, George Huntington, had an off week, losing three out of seven matches. Koons and Dennis Allsop beat Huntington and Birdman, 30-20, Daugherty and Allsop beat Huntington and Dorothy Hack, 30-16, and Daugherty and Hack beat Huntington and Allsop, 30-11.

In Class B, Roedner dropped game two to remain mortal. Joe Dudra took second with a 3-2 record and 35 points in two losses, while Matt Pittman (last year’s top rookie) finished third at 3-2 with 30 points in loss.

Class A results: 1. Koons 6-1, 28 points; 2. Ruff 5-2, 32 points; 3. Daugherty 5-2, 19 points; 4. Huntington 4-3, 47 points; 5. Hack 3-4, 48 points; 6. Allsop 2-5, 45 points; 7. Gill 2-5, 39 points; 8. Rankin 1-6, 71 points.

Class B results: 1. Roedner 4-1, 22 points; 2. Dudra 3-2, 38 points; 3. Pittman 3-2, 30 points; 4. Amber Tehunhorst 2-3, 66 points; 5. John Stevens 2-3, 55 points; 6. D.J. Klover 1-4, 78 points.

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