Shelbyville boys cross country skunked the competition yesterday out at the Shelbyville Dam and the Lady Rams notched a solid win, as well, to kick-off the cross country season.

The boys team took the first five finishes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to tally the best score possible, 15. Argenta cruised in with the next five and scored a 42, the worst score possible in a duel meet.

Argenta countered with there state-qualifying track star, Aftan Noon crossing the female finishing line first, but the Lady Rams’ Ranae Julius crossed in second and three of her teammates crossed in 4th, 5th and 6th places within nine seconds of each other. The fifth Ram scorer came in 8th and the win was in the books.

On the boys’ side, Shaun Nibbe ran alone, way ahead of the pack, and crossed the finish line almost a minute in front of anyone else. The five Rams finished within two minutes of each other.

The Moulton Middle School cross country team ran as well and Nick Selby was the first Moulton Ram to hit the chute on the shorter distance.

The Shelbyville high and middle school runners will ll compete this coming Saturday at the Rochester Invite at 9 a.m.

Boys scorers: 1. Nibbe 18:45 (S), 2. Stanley Donahoo 19:35 (S), 3. Chris Mosley 20:20 (S), 4. Ryan Brown 20:21 (S), 5. Pruemer 20:46 (S), 6. Andrew Lewis 21:11 (AO), 7. Alex Quick 21;18 (AO), 8. Nathan Blair 21;18 (AO), 10. Bronson Washburn 23:13 (AO). Other Shelby finisher: 9. Nate Bly 22:27 (S).

Girl scorers: 1. Aftan Noon (AO) 21:17, 2. Ranae Julius 23:31 (S), 3. Black (AO) 24:27, 4. Katee Lira 24:44 (S), 5. Skylar Sparks 24:45 (S), 6. Katherine Looft 24:53 (S), 7. Lauren Taylor (SU) 25:11, 8. Kimberly Helmkamp 25:30 (S), Other Shelby finishes:9. Randi Julius 25:41 (S), 11. Emily Karraker 25:51 (S), 15. Morgan Ladd 27:52 (S), Adrienne Wheat 31:34 (S).

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