On a soggy Friday night, Shelbyville (1-2) went to Clinton for their first conference game. Things looked good early, but then the Rams were all wet, getting Marooned, 23-6.

Both teams scored on their first possessions, then the scores were few and far between on the Maroon end and non-existent for the Rams. 

Clinton had great field position most of the game. It started on the opening kickoff. Seppe Vitale kicked the ball for the Rams down to the Clinton 11, but the Maroons ran it back to mid-field and then to Ram territory.

Clinton scored in four plays. On 3rd and 2, the runner was caught, but broke a tackle and picked up a 1st down at the Ram 30. On the next play a pass went for a TD with 9:59 left in the 1st. They kicked the extra-point for the quick lead, 7-0.

On the ensuing kick-off, the Rams tried a reverse and got just to their own 20. They lost yardage on the first QB run, a portent of things to come.  QB Emric Messado then ran for 10 yards, but then Cade Helton lost yardage on his first play. 

Messado salvaged the first possession drawing Clinton offsides on 4th and 2 for a 1st down. That sprung the Rams free to sustain the drive. Messado ran for 5 yards and then threw to Hocq for 4. Helton ran for a 1st down with the measurement at the Ram 44.

The Rams got a ton of penalties in this game. Their first one was a procedure call. On 1st and 15 from the 38, Rope Hatfield went in motion and Messado ran up the middle.

No one stopped him, as he went 62 yards for a score. The 2-point run was stopped and Clinton held the 1-point lead with 6:37 in the 1st, 7-6. 

Th Rams then got a big break that they couldn't capitalize on. Vitale kicked off to the Clinton 12. They ran it back to the 32. Thanks to a tackle for loss by Helton, Clinton faced 4th and 7 at the 35. The snap for the punt went long and Shelby got the ball at the Maroon 8.

Messado ran 2 yards, then Helton to the 3. Messado ran to the 1/2 yard line. On 4th and short, they were stopped by Clinton.

Clinton picked up a 1st down, then 3 plays had to punt to open the 2nd quarter. The Rams got the ball with rare good field position at the 50. But, they went backwards on the first play, as the QB slipped and fell. An incomplete pass on 3rd and 19 led to a punt to the Clinton 32.   

Two more Ram penalties in 5 plays moved the ball to the Shelby 43. On 3rd and 9 the Rams committed pass interference on a pass that couldn't have been caught. On the next play Clinton fumbled and Shelby had the ball at their own 29.

Three plays later, they had to punt. But the punt was like a fumble, going just 14 yards. Clinton had the ball at the Shelby 45. Defense had reared its head and was setting in as the most dominant force on both sides.

Clinton had no gain on their first play then Tate Martz had a sack. They had to punt on 4th and 16. The Punt was returned from the 15 to the Ram 30. But there was another Ram penalty, moving the ball to the Shelby 10.

On 3 and out Shelby punted, but there was another penalty. They had to punt over and Clinton got the ball at the Ram 38.

Cinton dropped the ball on the first play, but got it right back and pitched it for 7 yards. Clinton fumbled again on 3rd and 2, but got it back. The QB ran to the 28 for a 1st down.

Clinton had 3rd and 2 at the Ram 20. They called timeout with under a minute to the half. On 4th and 1, they called another time-out. Second effort got them a 1st down at the 19 with 38 seconds left in the half. 

They passed twice and got 2 yards. They called a 3rd time-out. With 11 seconds they tried to pass again. Pressure ran the Qb out at the 4 yard line. A flag was thrown on Clinton for 15 yards. With 1.6 to play the kicker came out and kicked a 20-yard field goal to end the half with a 10-6 lead.  

After the break, Clinton kicked off. Shelby had bad field position again, starting at the 11 yard line. On the first play, the Rams threw an interception at the 27 yard line.

On 4th and 10, Clinton threw a 20-yard TD pass with 9:43 to play in the 3rd quarter. The kick was no good and Clinton was ahead, 16-6.

Clinton kicked off and Shelby got the ball at the 10 and ran to the 23 for their start. A screen pass to Rope hatfield went 14 yards for a 1st down. A Ram holding penalty gave then 3rd and 19 at their own 23. The next pass was picked off at the Ram 47 to give Clinton the ball again.

Shelby defesne stopped the Maroons on 3 and out. Clinton lined up to punt. They ran a fake punt, but couldn't get the 6 yards. In fact, they got a penalty. The Rams got the ball at their own 44, good field position.

A run lost 3 yards and two incomplete passes later, they had to punt. Clinton started from their own 28. They picked up two 1st downs to the Ram 43, but stalled. They punted and the ball was left to roll, putting Shelby back at their own 4.

After an incomplete pass, Shelby threw another interception at the Ram 29. Clinton moved the ball, but blocked in the back. Still, on 3rd and 6 from the 24, a Maroon ran 24 yards, breaking a tackle, for a touchdown. The kick was good and Clinton led with 33 seconds in the 3rd, 23-6.  

In the 4th quarter no one scored. Shelby did have a 29-yard screen pass ran by Rope Hatfield to the Clinton 29. But the next play was a 4th interception. Clinton had the ball, but two plays later fumbled the ball.

Shelby had the ball at the 38. On 3rd and out and behind the chains again, Shelby punted from the Clinton 43 and put the ball in the end zone. Clinton got the ball at the 20.

They drove to the Ram 40, but stalled. They punted, but Shelby fumbled the return and Clinton had the ball right back at the Ram 10. They were called for holding. They ran to the Ram 13 and tried to kick a field goal with 15 seconds in the game.  It went wide to end the game. 


Clinton 23, Shelbyville 6

Shelby   6-0-0-0--6

Clinton  7-3-13-0--23


1st (9:59)-(C) 30 yd pass, kick good, 0-7

1st (6:37)-(S) Messado 62 yd run, 2-pt run no good, 6-7

2nd (1.6)-(C) 20 yd field goal, 6-10

3rd (9:43)-(C) 20 yd pass, kick no good, 6-16

3rd (:33)-(C) 24 yd run, kick good, 6-23

Ram stats: OFFENSE-131 yds, 1 TD; RUSHING-19 for 61 yds, TD; Messado 12 for 56 yds (gain 78, loss 22), TD; Helton 5 for 5 yds; Hatfield 2 for 0 yds; PASSING-Messado 7-for-24, 70 yds, 4 INT; RECEIVING-Hatfield 2 for 41 yds; Helton 1 for 20 yds; Marts 1 for 14 yds; Hocg 1 for 3 yds; Lynch 1-for-2 yds; Reed 1-for-0 yds; TACKLES- Bleskey 26 (16 solo/10 assist), 1 for (-3); Hocq 17 (13/4); Martz 10 (9/1), 2 for loss (-33); Hatfield 12 (6/6) Matthews 11 (2/9); Mose 5 (3/2); Vice 5 (3/2); Aldridge 4 (1/3); Lynch 4 (2/2); Helton 3 (2/1), 1 for loss (-6); Fullerton 1 (1/0); Gottfriedt 1 (1/0); Haskett 1 (1/0);     Johnson 1 (0/1); Messado 1 (0/1); Reed 1 (0/1); Sieger 1 (0/1); Smith 1 (1/0); FUMBLE RECOVERY- Aldridge 1, Martz 1; KICKING- Vitale 2 for 90 yds; KICK RETURN- Tull 3 for 24 yds; Messado 1 for 25 yds; PUNTS- Messado 5 for 128 yds (25.6 avg); PUNT RETURN-Hatfield 1 for 13 yds; Martz 1 for fumble.    

Clinton stats: OFFENSE- 266 yds, 3 TDs; RUSHING-43 for 176, 2 TDs, PASSING 11-of-23, 90 yds, TD; FIELD GOALS- 1-for-2, 20 yds.  

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