Reed flip to Helton

Sophomore receiver Hunter Reed catches a pass and flips it to senior Cade Helton on an old hook and ladder play late in the 1st quarter. Helton took it 42 yards for the game's first touchdown. Shelbyville went on to beat Sullivan-Okaw Valley on Friday, 41-12.

The Shelbyville Rams did something on Friday night they have not done much of the last two weeks, made plays. The Rams (2-2) beat Sullivan (0-4), 41-12. 

Neither team had much going offensively through most of the 1st quarter. Then Shelby's Wade Johnston caught a 17 yard pass from QB Emric Messado and Cade Helton turned a screen play into a 20 yard gain. 

On 4th and 5, Messado got SOV to jump offsides, one of several times, for a 1st down. From SOV's 42, Messado through an out to sophomore Hunter Reed, who flipped it to Helton coming from behind. He went the 42 yards for the touchdown. Helton, in the wildcat, then threw a jump ball pass to Johnston over the line for an 8-0 lead with 58.8 seconds left in the 1st.

After the kickoff, SOV made a couple of pass plays. They went 23 yards and then 58 yards for a TD. Their extra-point kick was no good and they trailed 8-6 with 11:48 in the half.

Brayden Hocq had a good kick return for the Rams to the 44. Helton then ran through a huge hole in the line for 22 yards. Messado through another flea-flicker to Johnston this time, who flipped the ball to Helton for 21 yards to the SOV 13. Two runs later Helton was in the end zone with 10:29 in the half.

The extra-point kick snap was scooped by holder Max Beyers and put in place just as Seppe Vitale kicked it through the uprights, 15-6. 

SOV went 3 and out and Shelby put on a 14-play, 70-yard sustained drive. Messado ran for a 1st down on 3rd and 1. On 3rd and 10 Messado ran again for 16 yards and a 1st down. Messado ran on 2nd and 10 and got another 1st down.

Helton ran for 9 yards and then for 8 yards for a 1st down at the 12. On 2nd and 7, Messado picked his way through the defensive line for 10 yards and a score with 4:42 in the half, 21-6. 

SOV was falling behind, but Luke VanderBurgh gave them a lift. He returned the ensuing kickoff and got hit hard when the two teams met in the middle of the field. His defender went down and VanderBurgh kept going, getting outside the containment and scoring an 89-yard TD.

The extra-point pass connected, but another SOV penalty negated it. They tried again and failed, to trail, 21-12. 

Shelby had time for another drive before half. They got the kickoff at the 30. SOV had 12 men on the field, bringing another penalty flag. Helton then ran for 18 yards and took a pass in the flat for 15 yards. Tate Martz went up for a catch to the SOV 10.

Messado threw to the endzone and one receiver couldn't get the ball that sailed long. But from the other side of the field, Brayden Lynch appeared and caught the ball in the back of the end zone. He came down with both feet just inside the end zone for a touchdown with 2:26 in the half. Shelby led 27-12.

SOV was facing 3rd and 6. They had been wide open in the first half and for the most part either the QB missed or the passes were dropped, except for the 58 yard TD. This time the pass was defended by Messado, who made a good play. He knocked the ball into the air and teammate Bryce Matthews snatched it out of the air for an interception to deny SOV.

With 58 seconds in the half, Helton was hit on a halfback pass and fumbled. SOV had the ball again, but Seth Robertson made an interception with 19.9 seconds to give Shelby the ball back. The half would end.

After the 2nd half kick-off, Messado had a broken field run for 51 yards to the SOV 28. But the drive stalled. Sullivan took over and went to the Ram 33. Their drive stalled thanks to a play by Tate Martz going up against a bigger receiver and knocking the ball loose. SOV punted a quick kick to the Ram 16.

Shelby put on an 11-play, 84-yard drive. A screen pass to Helton went 22 yards to midfield. He then ran for 14 yards. Hunter Reed caught a 1st down pass for 11 yards.

On 3rd and 10 from the SOV 24, Tate Martz went up high for a catch over a bigger defender for a 1st down at the 10. Messado picked his way through the defense on a QB keeper for a 10-yard TD with 2:59 left in the 3rd. Vitale's kick was good for a 34-12 lead.

Plank came in to QB for SOV. He took them to the Ram 42. But on 4th and 3 he was swarmed. Shelby got the ball at their 44. They had 5-play 56 yard drive for a score.

Freshman Rope Hatfield ran for 16 yards. Messado passed to Brayden Hocq for 29 yards down the middle of the field to the 9 yard line. Two plays later Messado threw to Helton, who had it knocked loose by the defender, but he reached back to snag it for the score. Vitale made the kick and the Rams were up 41-12 with 9:48 left in the game.

Ram subs flooded the field and the game became a scrimmage that would wind down the clock with no more scores.


Shelbyville 41, Sullivan-Okaw Valley 12

S-Okaw  0-12-0-0--12

Shelby    8-19-7-7--41


1st (58.8)-(S) Messado to Reed to Helton pass, pass good, 0-8

2nd (11:48)-(SOV) 58 yd pass to Kimberlin, pass failed, 6-8

2nd (10:29)-(S) Helton 4 yd run, Vitale kick good, 6-15

2nd (4:42)-(S) Messado 9 yd run, kick no good, 6-21

2nd (4:26)-(SOV) VanderBurgh 89 yd kick return, pass inc, 12-21

2nd (2:26)-(S) Messado 10 yd pass to Lynch, pass failed, 12-27

3rd (2:59)-(S) Messado 10 yd run, Vitale kick good, 12-34

4th (9:48)-(S) Messado 13 yd pass to Helton, Vitale kick good, 12-41

Ram stats: OFFENSE-535 yds, 6 TDs; RUSHING-256 yds, 3 TDs; Helton 19 for 99 yds, TD; Messado 10 for 115 yds 2 TDs; Winings 4 for 21 yds Hatfield 1 for 16 yds; Beyers 3 for 3 yds; Agin 1 for 2 yds; PASSING-Messado 19 for 35, 3 TDs, 1 INT; Beyers 2 for 3, 11 yds; Helton 0 for 1; RECEIVING- Helton 7 for 147 yds, 2 TDs, Hocq 2 for 34 yds; Martz 2 for 22 yds; Reed 3 for 27 yds;Johnston 2 for 21 yds; Lynch 1 for 22 yds, TD; Hatfield 2 for 2 yds; Sieger 1 for 6 yds; Fullerton 1 for 6 yds; 1st DOWNS- 25 (12 run, 11 pass, 3 penalty); TACKLES-Bleskey 9 (8 solo/1 assist) 1 for loss (-1); Vice 7 (4/3) 1 for loss (-5); Matthews 5 (3/2) 2 for loss (-5, -2); Agin 5 (3/2); Robertson 4 (3/1); Johnston 3 (3/0); Messado 3 (3/0); Gottfriedt 2 (2/0); Nohren 2 (1/1); Winnings 2 (2/0); Martz 1 (0/1); Lynch 1 (1/0); Mose 1 (1/0); Tull 1 (1/0); Clark 1 (0/1); Fullerton 1 (1/0); Courtright 1 (0/1); INTs-Matthews 1 for 13 yds; Robertson 1 for 0 yds; FUMBLES- Helton 1; KICKOFFS- Vitale 7 for  283 yds; KICK RETURNS-Hocq 1 for 21; Martz 1 for 0; Messado 1 for 0; PUNTS-Messado 2 for 69 yds; PUNT RETURNS- Tull 1 for 10; PENALTIES- 4 for 35 yds

SOV stats: OFFENSE 241 yds, 1 TD; RUSHING-26 for 92 yds; PASSING-Harlin 5 for 14, 149 yds, 1 TD, 2 INTs; Plank 0-for-7, 0 yds; RECEIVING- Collins 2 for 33 yds; Kimberlin 2 for 113 yds, TD; #16 1 for 3 yds; TACKLES-#3 14 (9/5); #16 10 (5/5); #1 6 (5/1); #80 6 (4/2) 3 for loss (-4,-4,-2); #5 5 (3/2); #79 5 (2/3); #11 4 (3/1); #64 4 (1/3); #25 3 (3/0); #22 3 (1/2); #73 1 (0/1); #79 1 (0/1); #51 1 (0/1); #53 1 (1/0); #30 1 (1/0); #18 1 (0/1); INT- #11 for 3 yds; FUMBLE RETURN- #80 1 for 0 yds; KICKOFFS- #9 3 for 106; KICK RETURNS-#16 4 for 141 yds, TD; #18 2 for 34 yds; PUNTS-#9 3 for 105 yds; #16 3 for 61 yd; #2 1 for 26 yds; PENALTIES-14 for 80 yds

*Watch for web updates and the Tuesday Daily Union print edition for the complete story, stats and photos. 

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