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August 6, 2013

Arbaugh, Schultz win ITT points race

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Kevin Arbaugh and DeWayne Schultz held on to win the Illini Team Trail Northern Division (Lake Shelbyville) points race for 2013, despite just catching one fish in the final event, July 28.

Arbaugh and Schultz (523.18) held a 54.57 point lead over third place John Wright (Shelbyville) and Dan Ruedi (468.61) after the fifth event. Last Sunday in the sixth event, Arbaugh and Schultz weighed just one big fish at 4.99 pounds for 80.99 points. Wright and Ruedi weighed the limit of five fish for 11.83 points to earn 106.83 points.

Wright and Ruedi moved up to 2nd place in points with 575.44 points, but still 28.73 points behind Arbaugh and Schultz, who finished with 604.17 points.

Todd Blakeman and Mark Heil, who had been in 2nd place, fell to 3rd.

Blakeman and Heil weighed just two fish last Sunday, weighing 3.42 pounds, over a pound less than Arbaugh and Schultz’ one fish.

Blakeman and Heil earned 73.42 points to total 548.05 points, 27.39 points behind 2nd place Wright and Ruedi.

The next three places didn’t change.

The 4th, 5th and 6th place teams had off days or could have moved up on the 1st and 2nd place teams, Arbaugh and Schultz and Blakeman and Heil, who had an off days.

David Breivogel and Shawn Panick remained in 4th place (546.54 points), as the 2nd and 3rd place teams traded places. Breivogel and Panick weighed three fish last Saturday (6.32 lbs.) to place 18th on the day.

Shane Haslett and Jake Hartke stayed in 5th (529.28 points). They also weighed just two fish on Sunday (3.38 lbs.) for 72.38 points. Josh Kirchhoff and Brad Kirchhoff remained in 6th place (524.74 points). They also only weighed one fish (2.67 lbs.) for 68.67 points.

Coleman and Gillett’s win on Sunday (5 fish-17.28 lbs.) to net 117.28 points, moved them all the way up from 12th to 7th (518.75 points). Quentin Garrett and Eric Ballinger also moved up from 10th to 8th place (512.51 points), as they weighed four fish on Sunday at 7.64 pounds for 95.64 points. Jeff Scrimager and Wayne Shaw fell from 7th to 9th (510.56 points), as they weighed just two fish at 3.60 pounds for 74.6 points.

Rounding out the top 10 was Shelbyville’s Greg Harkins and partner Jack Montgomery. They won two events this season,then had off days the other three events. In the last event, however, Harkins and Montgomery weighed in four fish at 11.71 pounds for 105.71 points. That continued Harkins and Montgomery’s climb up from 13th to 10th place (504.79). The near winners of last year’s points race followed that up with a Top 10 finish and an invite to the 2013 Mike James Classic.

2013 Tourney Winners

April 14: 1. David Breivogel-Shawn Panick, 5 fish, 18.08 lbs, *6.61 Big Bass, 118.08 points

May 19: 1. Greg Harkins-Jack Montgomery, 5 fish, 15.90 lbs, 4.66 Big Bass, 115.90 points

June 2: 1. Scott Stifal-Jon Stevens, 5 fish,12.66 lbs, 3.71 Big Bass, 112.66 points

June 30: 1. Steve Longsworth-Gene Thoele, 5 fish, 14.48 lbs, 4.8 Big Bass, 114.48 points

July 14: 1. Harkins-Montgomery, 5 fish, 14.57 lbs, 3.55 Big Bass, 114.57 points10.25 points

July 28: 1. Greg Coleman-Travis Gillett, 5 fish, 17.28 lbs, *5.12 Big Bass, 117.28 points