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August 6, 2013

Aldo retains crown in Brazil

Micah Curtis For The Daily Union
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — In an affair that ended strangely, Jose Aldo managed to retain his crown as he gained a TKO victory over Chan Sung Jung in UFC 163, Saturday.

Following the success of its most recent outing on Fox, the UFC returned to Pay-Per-View as Featherweight champion Jose Aldo defended his title against “The Korean Zombie” Chang Sung Jung at UFC 163.

The injury bug has been prevalent for the 145 pound division in the UFC. Champion Jose Aldo has seen his title challengers change many a time. Most recently, the champion was set to face Anthony Pettis in Pettis’ bid to take the crown after moving from lightweight.

This was not to be, as Pettis suffered a shoulder injury. Stepping in for him was someone who many considered the rightful contender one year ago: Chan Sung Jung, passionately nicknamed “The Korean Zombie.”

Known for his uncanny ability to take punishment, Jung was on a tear in his division since setting foot in the UFC. After getting a win back against Leonard Garcia via a “Twister” submission (the first seen in the UFC), he went on to knock out former title challenger Mark Hominick in seven seconds.

Then he would defeat rising star Dustin Poirier via a brabo neck choke, which is known as Poirier’s trademark submission. At the time, he was considered next in line for a shot at the king, but injuries would sideline him until recently.

Originally, Jung was set to face another contender in his division, the explosive Ricardo Lamas at UFC 162 this past July, but was given the call up by the UFC and given a shot at his dream.

As for Aldo, many could consider he and Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones to be the two most dominant champions in the UFC right now. The young Brazilian has not lost a bout since 2005, and has rattled off eight KO/TKO victories since that day. He almost seems to be the perfect fighter to some.

Aldo possesses incredible jiu-jitsu credentials, but almost impossible to take to the ground. He also has an incredibly well rounded striking game, having lethal kicks, knees, punches, and is adept at both aggressive striking and counter-striking. After Anderson Silva lost his crown to Chris Weidman, many consider Aldo to be the most lethal striker in the UFC.

The 1st round of the Aldo v. Jung bout on Saturday was a slow paced one. Both men traded some offense with one another. Jung’s usual constant-pressing offense was not often used, and neither were the lethal leg kicks of Jose Aldo.

According to Aldo post-fight, the first time he threw a kick he broke his foot, which would limit his offense for the rest of the fight. Though Aldo did land a swift take down near the end of the round, it was mostly a strategic affair, neither man being incredibly aggressive.

The 2nd round saw Aldo being more offensive with his hands, considering they were his only weapon at this point. His counter punching was on-point, with him choosing good punching angles and also kept his jab out. Jung was competitive with the champion, but was clearly the inferior puncher.

The third round saw Jung try a flying knee, but was caught in mid-air and spun into a double-leg take down by Aldo in a magnificent showing of athleticism. The grappling exchanges failed to yield any major offense for Aldo, but his punch exchanges in the round all went in his favor.

The fourth round would spell doom for Chan Sung Jung. During a punch exchange with the champion, Jung’s shoulder popped out of its socket. Aldo then began kicking at the shoulder and took Jung to the ground. He then unleashed furious ground and pound and finished the challenger, leaving Jung writhing on the ground.

After the bout, it is currently unknown whether or not Aldo’s foot will need surgery, but Jung’s shoulder will not. From here, Aldo will now wait for the x-rays, and also see exactly who his next challenger will be. As for Jung, he may find himself at the back of the line, but he may be someone who can earn his way back at another shot at the crown.