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August 6, 2013

Ruff Rolls To SHC Win

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Lloyd Ruff, who has been almost automatic in years past at SHC broke through again this summer by winning Thursday’s weekly Class A tourney in perfect fashion, 7-0. Patty Doty continued to ride a high in Class B, going a perfect 5-0.

Ruff finished 2nd last week at 5-2, but didn’t miss a beat this week. He was only seriously challenged in one of his seven matches. Ruff and Dorothy Hack teamed up against Lloyd Allen in game 2 and Allen got hot. Eventually Ruff and Hack won, but just by five points, 30-25. Ruff won his other matches, 30-13, 30-19, 30-10, 30-6, 30-14, 30-21.

In the final match of the night, Ruff and Allen took on Rich Galvin and Jon Galvin. Ruff was at 6-0 and Rich Galvin at 5-1. If Rich Galvin could get the win, he would have a shot at beating Ruff on points. It didn’t happen. Ruff and Allen won and Galvin fell to 5-2, settling for 2nd place.

Last week’s winner Carroll Rhodes finished in 3rd place. Rhodes fell to 3rd when he and Jon Galvin were beaten by Rich Galvin and George Mose in the closest match of the night, 30-27. Had Rhodes won, both would have been 4-3 and it would have come down to points for 2nd place. That didn’t happen either.

In Class B action, Doty and Phegley were neck and neck until the final match. They both smoked their competition all night. Doty won with Phegley in game 1, 21-5. Doty then won, 21-2, 21-13, and 21-3. Phegley won with Doty, 21-5, then won 21-3, 21-0, and 21-3. They faced each other in the final match.

Doty dominated again. Doty teamed with Shelli Weber. They beat Phegley and Debbie Spellman in the head-to-head to decide the Class B winner of the night, 21-8. Doty won for the second straight week, undefeated. She now has won 10 straight matches.

Charter member and president Pete Rankin claimed 3rd place in Class B at 3-2. Rankin was a perfect 3-0 to start the night, before running into Phegley and Doty.

The Shelbyville Horseshoe Club pitches weekly tournaments every Thursday night beginning about 7 p.m. at their courts across the railroad tracks from the corner of North 12th Street and North Morgan in Shelbyville. Local guests and visitors to Lake Shelbyville are welcome.

SHC, August 1

Class A: 1. Lloyd Ruff 7-0; 2. Rich Galvin 5-2, 35 points; 3. Carroll Rhodes 4-3, 54 points; 4. George Mose 3-4, 52 points; 5. Dorothy Hack 2-2, 23 points; 6. Lloyd Allen 1-6, 94 points; 7. Jon Galvin 1-6, 78 points

Class B: 1. Patty Doty 5-0; 2. Brad Phegley 4-1, 8 points; 3. Pete Rankin 3-2, 16 points; 4. Roy Franklin 2-3, 20 points; 5. Shelli Weber 1-for-4, 11 points; 6. Debbie Spellman 0-5, 36 points