Shelbyville Daily Union

December 27, 2013

1st Round Comet Knockout

John Curtis
Daily Union Sports Editor

---- — Arthur-Lovington is rolling this season and on Monday they rolled over Stew-Stras on in the Tri-County Tourney, 63-38.

The Comets stayed with Arthur through the 1st half, but an 18-3 run in the 3rd extinguished the Comets. Stew-Stras was down by 17 to start the 4th and even an offensive uptick couldn't trim the deficit.

Brandon Helmuth was the only Comet in double figures, scoring 15 points. He got 12 of his 15 from the field, but only took one trey. He was 3-of-4 at the line. Jason Fry was held scoreless only taking one shot. Bryse Bugger, Austin Rincker, and Mark Jones were Helmuth's only help, scoring six, six, and five points, respectively.

Helmuth scored half of his 15 points in the strong start in the 1st. Helmuth started with a two, then converted two 3-point plays. Rincker dialed in once from arc. Schuring, who finished with 13 points, started with three scores. Yeakley had two scores Schrock had a two and 1-of-2 at the line and Plank a deuce.

Bugger and Jones got on the board in the 2nd. Jones had a deuce and a trey, while Bugger scored, then made 2-of-2 free throws. Helmuth scored twice to give him 12 of his 15 points in the 1st half. Arthur got their 13 points from two Plank treys and solo twos from the other Schrock, Schuring, and the other Plank, plus 1-of-2 from Yeakley.

After the break, Arthur didn't allow a single field goal by the Comets. Bugger got to the line once, making 2-of-2. Helmuth got to the line once, making 1-of-2. Ted Kessler got to the line, but missed both shots. Meanwhile, Arthur got six twos, including one which became a 3-point play. They also got a pair of treys and 1-of-2 more from the line.

Arthur was up by 19 points heading into crunch time, 46-27. The Comets got to the line in the 4th, but made just 4-of-8. They had one trey and two twos and couldn't keep up with Arthur. Rincker made his second basket, another trey. Helmuth scored once late and Zach Reed got on the board with a two.

Chandler Ballinger got to the line three times. He made the first two, missed the front end on a 1-and-1, then made the front en of another 1-and-1 for 3-of-5 foul shooting. Kessler got to the line again, making 1-of-2 and Cameron Rentfro missed his only foul shot.

Arthur stretched their lead by six more points down the stretch. They made eight buckets and 1-of-2 from the stripe.

Tri-County Tourney

Arthur 63, Stew-Stras 38

St-St 11-13-3-11--38

Arthur 15-13-18-17--63

Stew stats: Helmuth 15 (6 FGs, 3/4 FTs), Bugger 6 (FG, 4/4 FTs), Rincker 6 (2-3 pt FGs), Jones 5 (1-2, 1-3 pt FGs), Ballinger 3 (3/5 FTs), Reed 2 (FG), Kessler 1 (1/4 FTs), Fry 0. Team FGs 12. 3-Pointers: 3 (Rincker 2, Jones). Team FTs 11-of-19.

Art stats: C. Plank 15 (3-2s, 3-3 pt FGs), Schuring 13 (6 FGs, 1/2 FTs), C. Schrock 9 (4 FGs. 1/1 FTs), Yeakley 7 (3 FGs, 1/2 FTs), A. Schrock 5 (2 FGs, 1/2 FTs), Honn 4 (1-3 pt FGs, 1/2 FTs), Garmon 4 (2 FGs), Brewer 2 (FG). Team FGs 27. 3-Pointers: 4 (C. Plank 3, Honn). Team FTs 5-of-9.