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December 31, 2013

Rams 8th at Super Duals

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Shelbyville wrestling went to the proving ground that is the Thomas More New Year’s Challenge or “Super Duals” on Friday and Saturday. The Rams finished in 8th place in the 40 team tournament, that included 17 of the top 20 ranked teams in the state.

Last year the Rams surprised the Super Duals by placing 4th. They went 4-0 in their pool, then won two matches on championship day, before dropping a semifinal match and the 3rd place match.

This year the Rams went 3-1 in their pool, with their only loss to Coal City by one point. They won two matches on championship day, before losing to Petersburg PORTA in the quarterfinals by just six points due to a devastating injury in one of the matches.

“Lyle Jefson was doing well and was ahead in the match and he would have gotten us at least three points,” said Ram coach Greg Harkins. “Then he tore a muscle and couldn’t continue. That gave us a default forfeit and it gave them six points.”

Jefson is just a 1st-year wrestler and his injury proved to much more sever than initially thought. He is out for the season and will take some time to rehab before he can have surgery.

It was a 9-point swing due to Jefson’s injury in a 6-point loss. Had Shelby defeated PORTA they would have been assured of at least 4th place once again. The loss of Jefson and the severity of his injury is of far greater concern than the loss to PORTA.

Through their first seven matches Shelby was 5-2. Their two losses were by a combined seven points. Their wins were by an average of 40 points.

After losing in the quarterfinals, they dropped the next two matches to Sherrard and Coal City, again.

“After we lost to PORTA, the kids were discouraged and lost to Sherrard,” Harkins said. “Then we lost to Coal City, again, by like four points.”

That gave the Rams an 8th place finish.

Through the first seven matches, Shelby had five undefeated wrestlers in the meet. Adam Hudson (152) went 7-0 with six pins and an 8-3 decision. He had four 1st period pins and two 2nd period pins.

Lucas Duckett (170) was 7-0 with two pins, three major decisions and two decisions. Jared Finley (138) went 7-0 with three pins, two decisions, and two forfeits. Wyatt Fox (145) went 7-0 with one pin, a technical fall and five decisions. Elliott Smithson (220) was 6-0 with four pins, a technical fall, and a forfeit.

Garrett Brachbill (126) was 5-1 through the first seven matches with four pins and a major decision. Zack Stirrett (106) was 5-2 with a pin, a decision, and three forfeits. Caleb Cloe (182/195), just a 2nd-year wrestler, was 5-2 with two pins, , two decisions and a forfeit.

Shelby opened pool competition on Friday by beating St. Joe-Ogden, 49-27, winning 9 of the 14 matches. They then lost to Coal City, 37-36. Shelby didn’t put a 120-pound wrestler on the mat and gave away six points.

Shelby bounced back by beating Roxana, 48-17, winning 10 of the 13 matches. They finished pool play by besting Normal U-High, 60-18. Shelby won 11 of the 14 matches.

On Saturday in the championship bracket, the Rams almost shut out Braidwood Reed Custer, 73-3. They won 13 of the 14 matches and their only loss was a 4-2 decision.

Shelby then beat Auburn, 54-18, winning 10 of the 14 matches. The win was highlighted by two 57 second pins, by Brachbill and Noah Applegate (182).

The Rams dropped the quarterfinal to PORTA. They won half the matches, highlighted again by Brachbill’s win by pin in the 1st period It was the only Ram pin in the match and the Rams had a forfeit, besides Jefson’s injury withdrawal, that cost them six more points. The even match was also highlighted by seven decisions, five won by the Rams.


Thomas More “Super Duals”

Championship bracket

Shelbyville defeated Braidwood Reed Custer 73-3

106 - Zack Stirrett (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 113 - Lyle Jefson (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 120 - Matt Tinsman (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 126 - Garrett Brachbill (Shelbyville) over M Marchan (Braidwood Reed Custer) Fall 3:40; 132 - Jarred Hicks (Shelbyville) FFT; 138 - Jared Finley (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 145 - Wyatt Fox (Shelbyville) over M Mitchell (Braidwood Reed Custer) Fall 2:35; 152 - Adam Hudson (Shelbyville) over W Winker (Braidwood Reed Custer) Fall 1:22; 160 - Ben Houska (Shelbyville) over M Marquardt (Braidwood Reed Custer) Fall 1:19; 170 - Lucas Duckett (Shelbyville) over C Costain (Braidwood Reed Custer) Maj 13-4; 182 - Noah Applegate (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 195 - Caleb Cloe (Shelbyville) over B Branum (Braidwood Reed Custer) Dec 7-2; 220 - Elliott Smithson (Shelbyville) over P Podkulski (Braidwood Reed Custer) Fall 3:34; HWT - A Adams (Braidwood Reed Custer) over Andrew Mudgette (Shelbyville) Dec 4-2

Shelbyville defeated Auburn 54-18

106 - Zack Stirrett (Shelbyville) won y FFT; 113 - Noah Mayes (Auburn) over Lyle Jefson (Shelbyville) Fall 1:32; 120 - Matt Heren (Auburn) over Matt Tinsman (Shelbyville) Dec 7-4; 126 - Garrett Brachbill (Shelbyville) over Austin Lopez (Auburn) Fall 0:57; 132 - Cole Long (Auburn) over Jarred Hicks (Shelbyville) Dec 8-4; 138 - Jared Finley (Shelbyville) over Brock Barnhill (Auburn) Dec 9-6; 145 - Wyatt Fox (Shelbyville) over Austin McKinnon (Auburn) Dec 5-3; 152 - Adam Hudson (Shelbyville) over Jesse Kessler (Auburn) Fall 3:05; 160 - Evan Patterson (Auburn) over Ben Houska (Shelbyville) Fall 3:09; 170 - Lucas Duckett (Shelbyville) over Peyton Hudspeth (Auburn) Fall 5:44; 182 - Noah Applegate (Shelbyville) over Tyler Graham (Auburn) Fall 0:57; 195 - Caleb Cloe (Shelbyville) over Jake McDonald (Auburn) Fall 4:28; 220 - Elliott Smithson (Shelbyville) over Zach Silveus (Auburn) Fall 0:47; HWT - Andrew Mudgette (Shelbyville) over Gabe Mariner (Auburn) Fall 4:11

Petersburg Porta defeated Shelbyville 33-27

106 - R.J Marrero (Petersburg Porta) over Zack Stirrett (Shelbyville) Dec 5-2; 113 - Josh Surhring (Petersburg Porta) over Lyle Jefson (Shelbyville) Inj; 120 - Dylan Vaughn (Petersburg Porta) over Matt Tinsman (Shelbyville) Fall 1:58; 126 - Garrett Brachbill (Shelbyville) over Bryce Buchele (Petersburg Porta) Fall 1:05; 132 - Griffin Willis (Petersburg Porta) over Jarred Hicks (Shelbyville) Dec 6-1; 138 - Jared Finley (Shelbyville) over Levi Vogt (Petersburg Porta) Dec 5-4; 145 - Wyatt Fox (Shelbyville) over George Ford (Petersburg Porta) Dec 6-2; 152 - Adam Hudson (Shelbyville) over Christian Kolb (Petersburg Porta) Dec 8-3; 160 - Cody Minor (Petersburg Porta) over Ben Houska (Shelbyville) Fall 0:26; 170 - Lucas Duckett (Shelbyville) over Jesse Setzer (Petersburg Porta) Dec 5-2; 182 - Caleb Cloe (Shelbyville) over Seth Honkala (Petersburg Porta) Dec 2-1; 195 - Larryn Kukla (Petersburg Porta) won by FFT; 220 - Elliott Smithson (Shelbyville) over Logan Shafer (Petersburg Porta) Fall 4:26; HWT - Wyatt Robinson (Petersburg Porta) over Andrew Mudgette (Shelbyville) OT 0-0

Sherrard def. Shelbyville

Coal City def. Shelbyville

Pool E

Shelbyville defeated Saint Joseph Ogden 49-27

106 - Zack Stirrett (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 113 - Corbin Wolken (Saint Joseph Ogden) over Lyle Jefson (Shelbyville) Fall 1:15; 120 - Shane Skinner (Saint Joseph Ogden) over Trevor Brown (Shelbyville) Fall 5:35; 126 - Matt Tinsman (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 132 - Garrett Brachbill (Shelbyville) over David Trewyn (Saint Joseph Ogden) Maj 9-0; 138 - Jared Finley (Shelbyville) over Ty Waller (Saint Joseph Ogden) Fall 3:43; 145 - Wyatt Fox (Shelbyville) over Griffin Meeker (Saint Joseph Ogden) Dec 5-0; 152 - Adam Hudson (Shelbyville) over Tyler Bowlin (Saint Joseph Ogden) Fall 1:25; 160 - Skyler Pumphrey (Saint Joseph Ogden) over Ben Houska (Shelbyville) Maj 9-0; 170 - Lucas Duckett (Shelbyville) over Matthew Sanders (Saint Joseph Ogden) Fall 3:45; 182 - Orion Ciota (Saint Joseph Ogden) over Caleb Cloe (Shelbyville) Fall 2:25; 195 - Wesley Kibler (Saint Joseph Ogden) over Noah Applegate (Shelbyville) TF 15-0; 220 - Elliott Smithson (Shelbyville) over B Bowman (Saint Joseph Ogden) Fall 1:36; HWT - Andrew Mudgette (Shelbyville) won by FFT

Coal City defeated Shelbyville 37-36

113 - Taylor Cirrencione (Coal City) over Lyle Jefson (Shelbyville) Fall 1:50; 120 - Cody Minnick (Coal City) won by FFT; 126 - Corey Jurzak (Coal City) over Garrett Brachbill (Shelbyville) Maj 13-3; 132 - Casey Brown (Coal City) over Jarred Hicks (Shelbyville) Fall 2:34; 138 - Jared Finley (Shelbyville) over Nate Buck (Coal City) Fall 3:09; 145 - Wyatt Fox (Shelbyville) over Jonah Englert (Coal City) Dec 10-5; 152 - Ben Houska (Shelbyville) over Alex Medina (Coal City) Fall 2:58; 160 - Adam Hudson (Shelbyville) over Bryan Stopka (Coal City) Fall 2:44; 170 - Lucas Duckett (Shelbyville) over Riley Kauzlaric (Coal City) Dec 4-3; 182 - Alec Leasue (Coal City) over Caleb Cloe (Shelbyville) Fall 1:30; 195 - Jake Frost (Coal City) over Noah Applegate (Shelbyville) Fall 1:57; 220 - Elliott Smithson (Shelbyville) won by FFT; HWT - Andrew Mudgette (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 106 - Joey Rivera (Coal City) over Zack Stirrett (Shelbyville) Dec 8-3

Shelbyville defeated Roxana 48-17

120 - Jarod Foiles (Roxana) won by FFT; 126 - Double FFT; 132 - Jarred Hicks (Shelbyville) over Brendan Zeller (Roxana) Fall; 138 - Jared Finley (Shelbyville) over Drew Albertson (Roxana) Fall; 145 - Wyatt Fox (Shelbyville) over Jeddah Gallego (Roxana) Dec 0-0; 152 - Adam Hudson (Shelbyville) over Jake Palen (Roxana) Fall; 160 - Mason Nichols (Roxana) won by TF 15-0; 170 - Lucas Duckett (Shelbyville) over Tony Gilkey (Roxana) Maj 8-0; 182 - Caleb Cloe (Shelbyville) won by Fall; 195 - Noah Applegate (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 220 - Elliott Smithson (Shelbyville) over Brett Nyswonger (Roxana) TF 15-0; HWT - Andrew Mudgette (Shelbyville) over Kyle Roberson (Roxana) Dec 0-0; 106 - Zack Stirrett (Shelbyville) over Blake Whyers (Roxana) Dec 0-0; 113 - Jeremy O`Gara (Roxana) won by FFT

Shelbyville defeated Normal University High 60-18

126 - Garrett Brachbill (Shelbyville) over John Tian (Normal University High) Fall 5:57; 132 - Jarred Hicks (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 138 - Jared Finley (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 145 - Wyatt Fox (Shelbyville) over Tyler Hanson (Normal University High) TF 15-0; 152 - Adam Hudson (Shelbyville) over Skyler Bunton (Normal University High) Fall 1:52; 160 - Duncan Terry (Normal University High) over Ben Houska (Shelbyville) Fall 3:20; 170 - Lucas Duckett (Shelbyville) over Dominic Harris (Normal University High) Maj 11-3; 182 - Caleb Cloe (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 195 - Noah Applegate (Shelbyville) won by FFT; 220 - Cedric Wilder (Normal University High) won by FFT; HWT - Andrew Mudgette (Shelbyville) over Ben Siverly (Normal University High) Dec 4-1; 106 - Zack Stirrett (Shelbyville) over Nathan Sacowicz (Normal University High) Fall 2:19; 113 - Dylan Carey (Normal University High) over Lyle Jefson (Shelbyville) Fall 1:03; 120 - Matt Tinsman (Shelbyville) over Ian Terry (Normal University High) Fall 5:30