Shelbyville Daily Union

November 22, 2013

SS/W Splits With BCCH

JOHN CURTIS - Daily Union Sports Editor

SHELBYVILLE, IL. — BCCH almost pulled off a sweep of Stew-Stras/Windsor on Thursday, but SS/W 7th held on for the 18-14 win. BCCH 8th got their victory over SS/W 8th in the nightcap, 29-16.

The 7th grade game was a tit-for-tat nail-biter. The game tied after the 1st, 4-4. Stew-Stras/Windsor got separation in the 2nd on an 8-4 run to lead 12-8 at the break. That cushion would hold up  through the 3rd as SS/W led 16-12 heading into the 4th. BCCH held SS/W to just two points in the 4th, but still fell short, 18-14.

Megan Schlechte and Katrina Davis led SS/W with six points, each, scoring all but six of their team's points. Lauren Wojcik, Grace Smith and Kylee Bertin had balanced scoring for BCCH with four points, each.



Stew-Stras/Windsor 18, BCCH 14

SS/W   4-8-4-2--18

BCCH  4-2-4-4--14

SS/W stats: Schlechte 6 (3 FGs), Davis 6 (2 FGs, 2 FTs), Reynolds 2 (2 FTs), Cole 2 (2 FTs), Schultz 2 (FTs). Team FGs 8. Team FTs 2.

BCCH stats: Lauren Wojcik 4 (2 FGs), Grace Smith 4 (FG), Kylee Bertin 4 (2 FGs), Amanda Smith 2 (FG). Team FGs 7.

The prime-time affair was a rollercoaster ride. SS/W opened with a 9-2 run, but BCCH responded with a 12-1 run and led 14-10 at the break. The 3rd was a wash as SS/W trimmed the lead down to two points, 19-16, heading into the 4th. BCCH blitzed SS/W in the 4th with a 10-0 run to secure the win.

Tabitha Endlsey had a game-high 16 points, followed by Taylor Oldham with seven points. Davis and Schlechte led SS/W again in the 8th grade game with six and three points, respectively.


BCCH 29, Stew-Stras/Windsor 16

SS/W     9-1-6-0--16

BCCH   2-12-5-10--29

SS/W stats: K. Davis 6 (2-3 pt FGs), Schlechte 3 (FG, FT), Cole 2 (FG), Smith 2 (FG), Everett 2 (FG), T. Davis 1 (FT). Team FGs 6 (2-3s). Team FTs 2.

BCCH stats: Tabitha Endsley 16 (6 FGs, 4 FTs), Taylor Oldham 7 (3 FGs, FT), Kylee Bertin 2 (FG), Sydney Lorton 2 (FG), Lauren Wojcik 2 (FG). Team FGs 12. Team FTs 5.

SS/W 7th (15-5, 7-1 NTC) heads to the Central A&M regional and will face BCCH ( in a rematch on Tuesday at 7:15 p.m.