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March 14, 2014

WRams Wrap Historic 2014

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — WRam Wrestling captured their 1st-ever regional championship in 2014, before sending a 6-pack of individual wrestlers to the the state tournament. Two of the Rams placed 4th and one placed 5th. Shelbyville limped into the sectional team match against Vandalia and came up just a few points short of team state. The junior-led squad is now poised as a favorite to make a run at team state next year.

As a team, the Rams had a record of 24-6. The won the PORTA Open. They won the Cumberland Tournament. They were 2nd at the LeRoy Tourney. They were 2nd in the Okaw Duals. They won the team regional. Shelbyville individual wrestlers had a combined record of 457 wins, 175 losses.

Shelbyville out-scored their opponents 2179 to 801. They had 190 falls to 79 for their opponents. They won 114 decision to losing 57. The Rams won 23 tech falls and gave up 16. They recorded 53 major decisions and gave up just 19. The Rams registered 1210 take downs and only gave up 404. The Rams earned the 1st take down of matches 336 times, while giving up 178.

They had 116 3-point near-falls and gave up 86. They had 69 2-point near-falls and gave up 61. The Rams recorded 130 reverses and gave up just 87. Because they dominated matches, they gave up 815 escapes, many on purpose, while earning 435. The Rams booked 79 pins and only gave up 43.

Team awards were presented recently. The MVP award went to Adam Hudson (152 lbs). The Most Pins (25) went to Elliott Smithson (25). The Most Take Downs (184), a new record, went to Garrett Brachbill. The Highest Grade Point Average was awarded to Ben Houska. Most Improved Award went to Noah Applegate (182/195) and Caleb Cloe (182/195).

Four of the Rams are in the 100-win club and only one is a senior. One of their sophomores set a new school take down record for a season. Jared Finley (138 lbs), who went to state again, ran his total up to 112 wins for his career. Senior Elliott Smithson (220 lbs) finished his prep career at state and capped his win total at 110. Lucas Duckett (170 lbs), who was a state qualifier, ran his total up to 106 wins. Wyatt Fox, who finished the season 5th in the state, also capped put his career win total at 106.

Sophomore Garrett Brachbill (126 lbs) finished the season as 4th in the state. Brachbill also set a new school record with 184 take downs in a season. Brachbill, Smithson, Duckett, and Fox were among the leaders in different statistics or were team award winners.

Meanwhile, a wrestler who finished the 2013 season with an injury, was able to come back and capture the Team MVP Award. Adam Hudson (152 lbs) finished the season as 4th in the state with a record of 43-4. Hudson also won a pivotal match in the team regional over his nemesis and tipped the scales for the Ram regional title.

Brachbill recorded the most wins this season (44-6). He also earned the most team points (221). He had the most tech falls (7), tied for the most major decisions (9), had the most 2-point near falls (14), had the most wins by default (2), and had the most 1st take downs (39).

Duckett tied for the most major decisions (9). Duckett tied with Andrew Mudgette for the most decisions (16), was 2nd in most escapes (43), and 2nd in take downs (154). Smithson recorded the most pins on the team (25), was 2nd in most team points (217) and 3rd in most 3-point near falls (16). Wyatt Fox registered the most 3-point near falls (17)and had the most reversals (30). He was 2nd on the team in most tech falls (5), most 2-point near falls (11), and 2nd in most penalty points (9).

Hudson was 2nd in most wins (43), in most pins (19), and in 1st take downs (38). He was tied for 2nd in most tech falls (5) and most reversals (15). He was 3rd in most take downs (146) and most 2-point near falls (10). Finley was 2nd in most reversals (15), 2nd in most defaults (1), and 3rd in most team points (208), most falls (18), and major decisions (8).

Brachbill not only had the most points he had the biggest differential over opponents, 101 points (221-20). Hudson allowed the fewest points by opponents (14), with a 193-point differential. Duckett allowed just 15 points by opponents, with a 178-point differential. Smithson had a 193-point differential over his opponents and Finley had a 180-point differential over opponents.

Brachbill started 9-0 and had a 15-win streak at the end of the season. He won the Cumberland Tourney, won the Shelbyville Regional Championship, won the Robinson Sectional Championship, was 4th at State. He was 2nd at PORTA and 2nd at LeRoy.

Duckett started 4-0 and had two 19-win streaks during the season. He won the PORTA tourney, the Cumberland Tourney and the LeRoy Tourney. He won the Shelbyvill Regional Championship and the Robinson Sectional Championship. He notched his 100th win at regional over Traxler of Tolono in an 18-4 major decision, February 8.

Finley started 8-0 and had a 30-match win streak. He won the Cumberland Tourney, won the LeRoy Tourney, was 2nd at regional and 2nd at sectional. He got his 100th win at home against DeMeyer of Olney in a 22-7 tech fall, January 28.

Fox started the season with an injury, then won his first two matches. He had a 12-match win streak and a 15-match win streak. He won the LeRoy Tourney and the Shelbyville Regional Championship. He was 2nd at PORTA, 2nd at sectional, 3rd at Cumberland, and 5th at state. He won his 100th match against Smith of Monticello at regional with a pin, February 8.

Hudson started the season 29-0 and added a 10-win streak. He won the PORTA Tourney and the Cumberland Tourney. He won the Shelbyville Regional Championship. He was 2nd at the LeRoy Tourney, 2nd at sectional and 4th at state.

Smithson started 3-0 and had a 17-win streak and a 14-win streak. He won the Shelbyville Regional Championship and the Robinson Sectional Championship. He won the Cumberland Tourney, was 2nd at the PORTA Tourney, and 4th at the LeRoy Tourney. He won his 100th match in a forfeit against Warrensburg, after beating Oakman of Clinton with a pin (3:45) on February 1.

Andrew Mudgette (220/285) went 36-12 and was 2nd at the Shelbyville Regional and advanced to sectional. He won the Mt. Olive JV title. He had a 10-match win streak during the season.

Zack Stirrett (106) went 32-10 and was 2nd at the Shelbyville Regional and advanced to sectional. He won the Cumberland Tourney and was 2nd at PORTA. He had an 8-win and a 7-win streak.

Most Improved Award winners, Cloe and Applegate, went 26-17 and 25-19, respectively, wrestling back and forth in the same weight classes (182/195). Cloe had a 7-match win streak and Appelgate two 4-match win streaks. Cloe (182) was 3rd at PORTA, while Appelgate (195) was 4th at PORTA. Cloe (182) was 2nd at Cumberland. Cloe was 2nd at the Shelbyville Regional and advanced to sectional. Applegate was 4th (195) at the Shelbyville Regional.

Coaches for the Shelbyville Wrestling Rams are head coach Greg Harkins and assistant coach Ross Forlines.

Individual Ram Stats

Noah Applegate (25-19) 134 points for, 97 against; 2 4-win streaks; 4th PORTA, 4th Regional

Garrett Brachbill (44-6) 221 points for, 20 against; 15-win streak; 1st PORTA, 1st Regional, 1st Sectional, 2nd PORTA, 2nd LeRoy, 4th State

Trevor Brown (22-18) 95 points for, 76 against; 2 5-win streaks; 3rd Cumberland, 5th Mt. Olive JV, 6th PORTA

Caleb Cloe (26-17) 114 points for, 84 against; 7-win streak; 2nd Cumberland, 2nd Regional, 3rd PORTA

Lucas Duckett (43-5) 193 points for, 15 against; 2 19-win streaks; 1st PORTA, 1st Cumberland, 1st LeRoy, 1st Regional, 1st Sectional; 100th win

Jared Finley (42-6) 208 points for, 28 against; 30-win streak; 1st Cumberland, 1st LeRoy, 2nd PORTA, 2nd Regional, 2nd Sectional; 100th win

Wyatt Fox (39-8) 173 points for, 31 against; 15-win streak; 1st LeRoy, 1st Regional, 2nd PORTA, 2nd Cumberland, 2nd Sectional, 5th State

Jarred Hicks (25-15) 132 points for, 72 against; 8-0 streak; 2nd PORTA, 5th Cumberland, 6th LeRoy

Ben Houska (13-25) 69 points for, 135 against; 3-win streak

Adam Hudson (43-4) 207 points for, 14 against; 29-0 start; 1st PORTA, 1st Cumberland, 1st Regional, 2nd LeRoy, 2nd Sectional, 4th State

Lyle Jefson (7-10) 40 points for, 57 against; 2-match win streak; 3rd Cumberland

Andrew Mudgette (36-12) 146 points for, 60 against; 10-win streak; 1st Mt. Olive JV, 2nd Regional, 3rd LeRoy, 4th PORTA

Elliott Smithson (39-6) 217 points for, 24 against; 17-win streak; 1st Cumberland, 1st Regional, 1st Sectional, 2nd PORTA, 4th LeRoy, 100th win

Jeremy Starwalt (11-7) 31 points for, 20 against; 5-win JV streak; 5th Mt. Olive JV

Zack Stirrett (32-10) 169 points for, 36 against; 8-win streak; 1st Cumberland, 2nd PORTA, 2nd Regional

Matt Tinsman (10-7) 30 points for, 32 against; 5-win streak; 1st Mt. Olive JV