Shelbyville Daily Union

December 6, 2013

Ram wrestling starts 2-0

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — The Shelbyville Ram wrestling team opened their 2103-14 season with a pair of home wins on Tuesday. Shelby beat Cumberland, 72-6, and #5-ranked Litchfield, 42-33.

Shelbyville was missing one of their best wrestlers, Wyatt Fox, not back yet from injury and had to give away a weight class due to an injury earlier in the evening. Litchfield had two forfeits. Shelby won eight matches in the nightcap and Litchfield six.

Keys to the win was transfer student Trevor Brown getting a 1st period pin and Jared Finley coming back to get a win. Adam Hudson won 1-0 on an escape in a 6:00 defensive wrestling battle. Also key was Lucas Duckett, not only winning, but getting a pin. Those wins tipped the scales for Shelby against the Panthers.

In the opening match against Cumberland, Shelby dominated. The only match the Rams lost was lost due to injury with the Ram in the lead. Shelby scored 6 points in 10 of the matches they won, six of them pins.

Against Cumberland, the Rams worked on racking up points. Zack Stirrett (106) had six take downs, before pinning his foe halfway through the 1st period. First-year wrestler Lyle Jefson (113) had over 10 take downs and let his man up only to take him down again, as he got some work in and won his first match, 25-14.

After Trevor Brown (120) won a forfeit, Garrett Brachbill (126) found himself in a war. Brachbill faced a stronger opponent, who countered whenever Brachbill made a move and turned it on him, much like former star Dalton Brown’s final state championship match a few years ago.

Brachbill came back from a 1st period deficit, 4-2. Despite a take down in the 2nd he trailed 6-4 heading into the 3rd. He worked a reverse at 1:45 left. He tied it at 7-7 to force overtime.

The first OT saw near take downs with both men escaping before the sudden death score. The 2nd OT there was no score. In the 3rd OT, Brachbill finally converted a difficult take down and got the 9-7 win.

Matt Tinsman (132) was winning 3-2 in the 2nd period, when he suffered a shoulder separation and had to withdraw. They got the shoulder back in place, but he will need some time to rehab.

Jarred Hicks (138) came back from a 2-0 deficit to get a pin in the 2nd, despite trailing 3-1. Jared Finley (145) also started in the hole, 5-0. However, he took the lead by the end of the 1st, 6-5. He went on to out-score his opponent for the win.

Adam Hudson (152) also built up a 12-2 lead and was in control when he got the 2nd period pin. Second-year Ben Houska (160) made short work of his foe getting a take down in 20 seconds.

Caleb Cloe (172) built a lead, up 11-4 through the 2nd period. He led 15-6 when he finished his foe off in the 3rd with a pin. Andrew Mudgette (285) built a 8-2 lead, before pinning with 12 seconds left in the 1st.

Brown got to wrestle his Litchfield opponent. In his first contested match for the Rams, Brown got an immediate take down and then a quick pin in the 1st. Brachbill followed up his OT win with a pin against Litchfield in the 2nd period.

Hudson was in a defensive struggle v. Litchfield. There was no score through two periods. In the 3rd, Hudson was in the down position and got an escape for one point for the win. Houska battled for three periods in an exciting blow-for-blow match. His opponent scored last and won, 11-9.

Finley was almost pinned in a scoreless 2nd period, but he held out until the buzzer. Down 3-0 in the 3rd, Finley got a reverse, 3-2. He let hi foe up, 4-2, but then got a final take down to come back for the win, 5-4.

Duckett had a tough foe v. Litchfield, but got a take down in the 1st. He reversed from the down position in the 2nd and a near pin to have a commanding lead, 7-0. A minute into the 3rd he squeezed the pin to help Shelby get a margin for victory.


Shelbyville 72, Cumberland 6

106-Zack Stirrett def. Whitaker (CU) by pin (4:51)

113-Lyle Jefson def. Craig (CU) by major decision, 25-14

120-Trevor Brown won by FFT

126-Garrett Brachbill def. Day in OT, 9-7

132-Hinz (CU) won by injury default over Matt Tinsman

138-Jarred Hicks def. Brandenburg (CU) by pin (2:58)

145-Jared Finley def. Elwood (CU) by major decision, 17-7

152-Adam Hudson def. Titus (CU) by pin (3:15)

160-Ben Houska def. Knepper (CU) by pin (:20)

170-Lucas Duckett won by FFT

182-Noah Applegate won by FFT

195-Caleb Cloe def. Judson (CU) by pin (5:18)

220-Elliott SMithson won by FFT

285-Andrew Mudgette def. Carll (CU) by pin (1:48)

Shelbyville 42, Litchfield 33

103-Zack Stirrett won by FFT

112-Lyle Jefson lost by pin

120-Trevor Brown won by pin (:41)

126-Brachbill won by pin (2:19)

132-Loss by FFT

138-Jarred Hicks won by FFT

146-Jared Finley won, 5-4

152-Adam Hudson won, 1-0

160-Ben Houska lost 11-9

170-Lucas Duckett won by pin (4:55)

182-Noah Applegate lost by pin

195-Caleb Cloe lost by pin

215-Elliott Smithson won by FFT

285-Andrew Mudgette lost by pin