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August 9, 2013

Shelbyville Drivers in the Macon Mix

John Curtis Daily Union Sports Editor
Shelbyville Daily Union

---- — Macon Speedway points races have four Shelbyville drivers in five Top 10 spots through the month of July.

Gene Reed in the #16 car sits atop the Street Stock Class with 504 points. Jeremy Nichols in the #J24 car is in 5th place in Sportsman Class with 252 points, 90 points behind the leader.

Clark Robertson in the #35 car is in 7th place in the Modified Class with 354 points, 122 points behind the leader. Rick Roedel in the #11 car, last year’s winner of the Sportsman Class, is not seriously contending this year. Still, he is in the 10th position with 106 points, 236 points behind the leader.

Jeremy Nichols in the #61 car is also in the Top 10 in the Street Stock Division, currently 8th with 348 points, 116 points behind Reed. Nichols in the #91x car is also 13th in the Late Model Class (62 points) and in the #10 car is in 16th place in the Modified Class (180 points). Nichols has recorded points in four classes, with a Top 10 point total in two of them, Top 16 in the other two.

Nichols had a stellar night on July 20. Nichols drove in four classes, won two of them, and was Top 5 in the other two to score a total of 184 points in one night. He earned 50 points in Modified Class, winning in the #10 car. He earned 50 points in Street Stock Class, winning in the #61 car.

He earned 42 points in the Sportsman Class, placing 5th in the #J24 car. He earned another 42 points in the Late Model Class, placing 5th in the #91x car. Gene Reed, the Street Stock points leader, was Nichols’ runner-up (48 points).

The previous week, July 13, Nichols drove two classes, Street Stock and Sportsman. In Street Stock, Nichols won again in the #61 car. He placed 10th in Sportsman the same night in the #J24 car. Gene Reed placed 4th in Street Stock for 44 points.

That was the same night that Clark Robertson had a bad draw in his Modified heat (8th), but climbed into 5th. He then started the feature in 10th, but climbed into 7th for 38 points. That night Rick Roedel drove Sportsman, the class he won last year, and placed 4th, moving up from 6th, for 44 points.

Gene Reed did his best this season early on. Reed won Street Stock on May 18, moving up from a 7th place start. Reed claimed 2nd place on May 11, while Robertson moved up from 9th to 6th in Modifieds. Reed was also 2nd on April 6, the first night of the season.

Points Standings (as of 7/27)

Street Stock: 1. Gene Reed 504 points; 2. Bobby Biehler (Decatur) 434 points; 3. Terry Reed (Decatur) 422 points; 8. Jeremy Nichols 348 points; 21. Jeff Gill (Shelbyville) 104 points

Sportsman: 1. David Crawley (Decatur) 342 points; 2. Mike Pickering (Decatur) 328 points; 3. Nick Macklin (Argenta) 312 points; 4. Scott Landers (Taylorville) 294 points; 5. Jeremy Nichols 252, 10. Rick Roedel 106 points

Modified: 1. Guy Taylor (Springfield) 476; 2. Danny Smith (Argenta) 468; 3. Jeff Graham (Stonington) 444; 7. Clark Robertson 354; 16. Jeremy Nichols 180

Late Model: 1. Steve Sheppard (New Berlin) 232; 2. Brian Dively (Springfield) 194; 3. Greg Kimmons 186; 13. Jeremy Nichols 62; 15. Shannon Babb (Moweaqua) 60; 29. Jeff Beyers (Pana) 40

Hornet: 1. Adam Webb (Decatur) 528; 2. Jeremy Reed (Decatur) 510; 3. Michael Gossett (Decatur) 398; 12. Derek Peters (Pana) 200

Amateur Hornet: 1. Mike McChristy (Mt. Zion) 374; 2. Thad Gee (Bloomington) 366; 3. Austin Harbin (Argenta) 338; 10. Kyle Maxwell (Pana) 232